Daily Tarot: Nailing It Like A Boss

king wands 9 swords asha maria tarot reader sydney

Tarot Reading with Asha Maria | 2 Card Trick: Nailing It Like A Boss
King of Wands Reversed (Wise Action) & 9 of Swords (Mastering Your Pain)

Sometimes you have to wait a long time for the Wheel to turn bringing back old loves, friendships, situations. And now you’re wise enough to deal with it. Your battles have brought acceptance and a bit more insight than last time around.  The King of Wands acts confidently without pausing for reflection. Before we face battles we tend to think we’re invincible. Then we discover we are not and we can lose heart. The next phase is to keep that fierce heart but act more steadily. When the King stands on his head (reversed) it’s time to consider how we can use all that energy and determination wisely, a little more prudently and more effectively. The 9 of Swords is about pain and also…faith. Gathering in the bent blades of the other 8, the 9th sword pins them to the ground showing a fierce Will mastering a multitude of difficult experiences, memory & pain. The master sword shows clarity of purpose, understanding the limitations of your circumstances: whether things turned out how you wanted them is beside the point. Knowing thsi releases you from the pain of decisions that you might never have wanted to make…or didn’t expect to. From a place of Sovereignty we can strike down our fear and silence the chattering voices of doubt. Clarity & determination is an act of Love. Your Sovereignty is an Act of Love too. Tempered by circumstance at the end of this decade of Pluto/Uranus squares you are master of the circumstances that have constrained you until now. You are scarred perhaps but no longer wounded. These scars are your marks of initiation. See them as power for you have earned them through experience. Your survival is triumph and evidence of the enduring power of your Love.


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