The Final Eclipse: Surrender & Release



Open Your Hands: Surrender & Release | Eclipse in Pisces

It is time to farewell all that was. It’s probably not on your terms or not all of it…but that’s how it flows. Today the Eclipse in the last degrees of the 12th sign of Pisces ends a long & difficult cycle (7 years long…) and we have a powerful New Moon to kick off the Astrological New Year (the sun moves into to fiery Aries tomorrow). All that was ebbs away and we are left standing on the shore, empty handed, unsure but hopefully accepting or even in awe of the journey so far. We are at the final Pluto/Uranus square of 7 Years of world-shaking challenges. Our intuition soars with Mercury – awareness – in Pisces too. Pisces is about surrender, transcendence and connection to the All. When we open our hands in this way all that has hurt & no longer serves us washes away too. There may be scars and the memories but the pain doesn’t keep cutting and wounding. We open our hands and we heal. The Pisces Eclipse provokes experiences that ask as to surrender, to trust, to just allow the waters to flow back to the sea and wait quietly for the returning tide to bring us the next clues to the mystery of our existence. Venus is now in Taurus – her own kingdom, softening the hard lessons of late and bringing a little more comfort to circumstances which may have been rather dry of late! She also calls us to luxuriate in what we have, with those we love, to slow down and indulge.

Much love, Asha Maria

Asha reads tarot & astrology in Sydney, Wollongong and on Skype comment or message to book your place heart emoticon

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