Daily Tarot: Love & Fortune – Unexpectedly


Love & Fortune – Unexpectedly

Expect unexpected results from all this heart opening, surrendering, letting go after our Piscean Eclipse on the weekend…shake out the last little drops from your overflowing and tired heart. Love only makes our heart hurt or fit to burst if we are holding it back or demanding things follow the path we want most (usually this means the most pleasant path requiring the least growth because growth can hurt). In the end all your giving and outpouring brings about a completley unexpected turn of events. The Wheel spins and who knows what Fortuna brings?

Does the Wheel of Fortune inverted mean bad fortune or does it mean luck? The kind of luck that happens when you stop trying to massage events into your preferred form and instead just stop giving a damn. I don’t mean not caring in a jaded and cynical way (ahem) …more like a collective “meh. I want to surrender anyhow…no matter the outcome. I am happy to pour out all my love…whatever fortune it brings me”. And isn’t that a nice place to be? No longer heart sore, fretting, tossing & turning. Instead – open hands, open heart. Open to opportunity.
Ahhh…I think we may be beginning to grasp this 7-Year Long lesson in shattering our illusions (Pluto/Uranus final square). The waters of this Piscean New Moon eclipse have bathed the wounds, stung them with salt & now the healing comes. Peace rolls in. You might like to call it surrender & transcendence. I believe the kids term it “no f*cks given”. Either way things have moved, subtly. The first glimmers of what’s next arrive at the First Quarter Moon in Cancer (Mar 27) and in full light in Libra (April 4). #tarotreading #astrology #horoscope #sydney #darlinghurst #eclipse #wollongong #thirroul #taroteader
#tarot #psychic #insight #love #relationships #goodluck #unexpected #luck #chance

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