Heart’s Passion is Life Blood


You feel what you feel. You don’t have to have reasons or justifications. Justifying our sense responses is crazy-making & silences the heart. Feeling isn’t a thought or a concept. You don’t get permission to feel *only* if you have a rational explanation. You don’t need to prove anything before you allow yourself your feelings. Feel it. Own it. You’ll see what it’s about eventually. Allow this & distress drops, confusion clears. The feeling finds it’s right place, moves through & releases itself. No thought, no explanation, no blame required. Thoughts are for problem solving, academic essays, work emails. What you feel is heart’s blood – it’s life. Honour your sense response. It’s not indulgence. It’s self respect, an act of Love.

Moon in Scorpio – Feel it
Mercury in Aries – Speak up
Venus in Taurus – Sense it

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