Daily Tarot: Hesitation Because Reasons

7 cups 13

7 of Cups & The Thirteenth (Death)
| Hesitating on the Brink of Change because Reasons |

Stepping onto the path you know you need to take isn’t as complicated as you’re telling yourself. Every imaginary obstacle you throw in the way is a waste of time & energy and it’s frustrating you. Your vitality & joy is all tied up in visions of things that range from likely to pure fantasy – rather than getting on with your work. You’re calling it planning; you know it’s daydreaming about eventualities that may never have happen. It’s not just procrastination…it’s protests of “But I don’t know if it’ll work!” (It will) “But here isn’t so bad” (you’re over it & you know it!) “but I just need a little longer” (you don’t, you’re ready).

Well you’re ready as you’ll ever be & you don’t get any more time to prep anyhow, ha! You know that what you expected, how you thought it would be is DONE. You’ve done so much work & grown so much you are over all of that anyway. It’s just a habit of hesitation. All you have is how it is right now. And what would you like to do with THAT? Here comes The Thirteenth (Death) sweeping all the old stuff away. Shrug the old trinkets off & leap into your future…don’t let the Grim Reaper knick you with his scythe! Get moving & don’t look back!

I’m reading at #embracelife festivals all through 2015. I’ll see you at the Central Coast, Sat April 18 – let’s see where you’re path leads to! ★☆★ Asha

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