Daily Tarot: He who is hesitates is lost


Temperance (reversed) & Ace of Coins

Last reading we looked at hesitation…now is time to act. Move decisively, sure of your power & the circumstances within which you move, but don’t overdo it – no blasting required! Life up to now has been smacking you around with experiences that temper your fire, impatience or naiveté (or all of those). You’ve learned to bide your time. But all waiting is waiting *for* the moment to act. Wait forever and you’ll get nothing. That juicy fruit you’ve been eying is now ripe for plucking. It would be foolish *not* to act. The time between unripe – ripe – rotten is delicate. Seize things too soon and you’ll spoil your chances. Wait too long & find the longed for hope a rotten mess in your hands or worse…some clever b*stard got there ahead of you. Don’t over think it, all things have their time, are ready in their own time. Make sure you are wise enough to move when that hour arrives. ♡ Asha Maria

I’m reading at #embracelife festivals all through 2015. I’ll see you at the Central Coast, Sat April 18 – let’s see where you’re path leads to! ★☆★ Asha
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