Aries New Moon – Starting a New Journey

Aries New Moon and we find ourselves emerging from a double eclipse Pisces month ready to seize our destiny. Jupiter is direct bringing relief from 6 months of scratching about for $ or good luck. Saturn is retro as is Pluto – with those 2 lords of control out of action there’s more than a good chance you can fluke through whatever you’re facing SO LONG AS you put power and drive in to get going in the first place. You need to know what it is you want clearly and there’s a good chance of seizing it because Venus in Gemini is throwing about all manner of pretty distractions for those who don’t have eyes on the prize. The first quarter moon is in “what I find with ME” Leo, Full Moon in Scorpio and the last quarter is in whacky Aqua. This means this month’s lunar cycle goes a little like this:

★ New Moon – Kicking into gear because the tide is with you
★ First Quarter Leo – Projecting that image before others with confidence
★ Full Moon Scorpio – Deliberately shedding what does not serve your newly asserted purpose
★ Last Quarter – integration of plans with the needs of friendship/community groups

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