Weekend Astrology: Laugh in the Face of the Devil

facing the demon
Initiation into power only comes through facing our darkest stories with a steady gaze. Unguarded, naked of reaction or defense you don’t need to slay the shadow or avenge yourself upon it.

Stare it down but don’t make a sound. Don’t get tangled in the shadow.
Keep your gaze steady and hold ground.

If you’re tired that’s ok – because you don’t need to fight.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed that still works – because you don’t have to think about this, you just hold.

Like all these big lessons, in the end it’s very simple. Hold and you will pass through and beyond it.

Take courage – all you have to do is decide to stand in your own steadiness. The demon will suddenly look absurd. And your fear will seem silly too. You will be liberated from your fear. And the demon will be liberated too.

Your sobbing, ragged breath drenched in fear & confusion will turn to peals of laughter and joy. Hold fast, be gentle and calm in the face of the challenge. You will be freed without doing a thing.
♡ Asha Maria ♡
Sun, Mercury, Mars in Taurus
Saturn & Pluto retrograde

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