Daily Tarot with Asha Maria | Nurturing New Growth


| Page of Coins & Ace of Cups | We’ve come through a long and tangled adventure and find ourselves in a clearing with more than we expected we’d get from the whole debacle. There’s open road ahead, some coins in your pocket and despite it all – or because of it all – your heart is open & overflowing. Whether you feel highly strung or just strung out let it wash through… even relief can be overwhelming.

You’ve not only survived (nice!) you’ve become steadier. You are a more resilient, enduring & productive version of the person you used to be. Nothing like a long stretch of minor and major crises and obstructions to really nail some personal growth.
The Ace of Cups is the Holy Grail, the source of all life – fertility, love & joy. Take the seed you have in hand, plant it and water it. Nourish your tender new self with love, shelter and protect all the young, green, new things sprouting everywhere in your life right now. Things are still a little vulnerable, a little delicate. Work gently and steadily. Turn in if you need. This is a sacred time. Your renewed self is at a tender stage of development. Feel and drink deeply from the Cup of Life and grow strong.

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