Full Moon in Scorpio – Retrieve Your Power

Having set forth to fulfil our destiny at the New Moon in Aries, the Scorpio Full Moon brings liberation from old perceptions of self that no longer serve. This is the culmination of the long cycle of revolution and transformation the last 7 years has brought due to the action of Pluto/Uranus. It has been deep work, searing work.

 Scorpio moon cycles bring acute insight and the often painful realisations as we retrieve what was hidden in the dark – secrets, unconscious desires, unacknowledged truth. Through this work we claim our power and we win the right to name ourselves – as both individual and representative of a greater line. Your greater line might be your family, your spiritual group, a social justice movement or any other name you know to be true. You know it to be true because you have torn at yourself until you saw it was so right down to the bone.

Name what you are.
Seize your power. 

Scrape off old skin, pluck out shards of glass, push yourself to act, going beyond what you accepted as ‘enough’ before. With Pluto and Saturn retrograde this Full Moon we experience the highest form of Scorpio – the Light Bearing Angel. We emerge from the transformative pressure leaping upwards, our view expands as we soar – what was so painful now becomes treasured wisdom. Triumph in your strength, survival is a victory in itself.

Naming Yourself and Knowing of Yourself is no easy task. But it is a worthy task. Whether you walked this 7 years alone, with friends or with enemies none of us are the same. And that is as it should be, life must constantly change and aspects of ourselves must constantly die so that  life & love remains vigorous and healthy .The Moon comes to full in Scorpio early on May 4. As She moves through Virgo take the time to attend to the small details of life, clear unpaid bills or unfulfilled tasks. The Moon changes signs to Libra at midnight – use this time to focus on balance in relationships & restoring harmony where you can.

Mercury now joins Venus in Gemini lightening the mood – and after the Full Moon tension is released it’s time for light hearted play and gathering information and connections for completely new endeavours. The last quarter moon in Aquarius we’ll be reflecting on how this newly discovered sense of self & deepest power fits into our broader networks & community.

How are the planets affecting you & your relationships? You can work more consciously with the tides of life. – not to control life but to make the most of what it brings you. I read in Sydney, Wollongong & over Skype from $60 book here.

A note on the Moon Cycles right now (full article here and here)

new moon
From New Moon to Full Moon – the moon starts in one zodiac sign and by the time She is Full She is in the sign directly opposite (e.g. Aquarius New Moon grows to Full in Leo).

In each moon cycle the New Moon usually occurs in one sign and the full moon in the sign opposite – we deal with shadow & light of one aspect of our lives in that month.  This Full Moon is in Scorpio – not the opposite sign of the Aries New Moon, which is Libra. Since January, the Moon cycle focus has shifted. The Full Moon opposes the next New Moon (Scorpio Full Moon to Taurus New Moon). This changes the way we usually plan with the moon,  instead of seeding at the New Moon and building up to fulfilment at Full Moon – the Full Moon throws light on an area of life (defined by the zodiac sign it falls in that month). As the moon then wanes to dark we collect information, analyse and work out what we need to let go – then we plant seeds at the next New Moon to live out that theme differently this time around.

Full Moon
With the Full Moon to New Moon cycle the Full Moon appears in one zodiac sign and opposes the NEXT New Moon in the opposite zodiac sign. E.g. Scorpio Full Moon wanes to New Moon in Taurus

When we have a New Moon to Full Moon cycle we experience a deep impulse to make a new start in the area of our life represented by that Moon cycle but less clarity on what that means. It’s only by the Full Moon’s light that we understand our New Moon impulses in these cycles. I know this is a bit complicated but those obsessed with Moon charting will know what I am talking about. If you want further clarification as always – just comment 😉

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