Saturn leaves Scorpio – Woooo SATURN RETURN OVER (almost)

Saturn is now retrograde in Sagittarius – he will cover old ground as he tacks back into transformative Scorpio in a few weeks time. When you find yourself face to face with reality-checks & blockages you thought you had dealt with I want you to hold on and take a deep breath. This review of structures is in harmony with the tides of life right now, so work with it, not against it. We revisit an area of our life of self development through the retrograde movement of a planet. Saturn is about structures, ordered systems, bone-level realities and the foundation of who we really are (not who we would like to be). Work constructively with this Saturn retrograde by taking the time to return to the foundations of your life, check and double check that the structure is as you wish before you do anymore building. If you want to build something significant taking time to check that everything is sitting as planned is never a waste of time – it can be frustrating but ultimately it will pay off. Remember – especially if you have just gone through your Saturn Return 28 year cycle – that this is the structure you will carry forward for a significant period of time. Get it as sound as you can, you’ll be thankful later 😉
(To know exactly what this means for you comment on your Saturn time for a quick overview or book in for a reading).

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Oh hail the Gods! Saturn leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. My Saturn return is over (well almost, final chapter of consolidation is after the little retrograde in 2015 but I’m pretty much done ok? Enough!) Those of your recently completed Saturn Return/ born with Saturn in Scorpio breathe out a sigh of relief. You’ve found out your limit. That might be a little disappointing, maybe you had to let go of things you really thought were essential to ‘you’. But now you know what you have to work with you can really get stuff done. Pragmatism & duty has it’s own reward. Like stuff actually manifesting, not dissolving into well-meaning fantasies you’ll get done next week.

Saturn is our task master, he makes us face our limits and the harsh truths of reality. The Saturn Return is the balancing of the books of your entire life up to…

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