Daily Tarot with Asha | Sweetness & Silence

Daily Tarot with Asha Mara the Hermit and the 3 of Cups 3 of Cups – Abundant Joy (Venus in Cancer)
The Hermit – Wisdom (Virgo)

Sometimes sweet things are best held close to the heart.  As tempting as it is to share (and show) the treasures that we’ve discovered talking and analysis washes the magic out quickly. So quickly in fact, you may only barely taste what you’ve gained before it’s been poured out! The 3 of Cups is called the Lord of Abundance, it represents vigorous new growth of love & creativity in it’s early stages – the green shoots of whatever you’ve been developing are now a healthy seedling –  but still vulnerable if exposed to the elements too soon! The Hermit counsels us to turn inwards and meditate on the new beauty flourishing in our lives. Cherish the love you have, let it grow stronger – it will be plenty tested in time as all things are. Give your heart a little while longer to restore it’s strength. Quietly savour the sweetness, allow it to develop undisturbed by prying eyes or snatching hands.  ★  The Jodorowsky-Camoin Marseilles deck can be purchased here

Send me a message or comment to make a time for your in-depth reading – make sense of your journey so far, understand the power you have to face what will soon arrive. 

asha maria high priestessAsha is an astrologer, tarot reader and dream-reader. Her method empowers you to master your fate with wisdom and courage. Asha reads in Sydney, Wollongong and via Skype. She also teaches classes & hosts regular workshops. When you understand your personal story you can rewrite it, making different choices at the next turn in the road. If you approach your personal story with conscious will  – rather than seeking to escape – you will discover your intent. Your intention gains power & you become the lead character in your story not the passive victim of fate. Tarot & Astrology have always been used for this reason; to arm you with the knowledge to change your path where you can and continue with courage when you can’t.

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