Venus & Mercury in Gemini: Sparkly Sweet

Venus & Mercury in Gemini bring light hearted connection, play & distraction. If you are struggling to keep it light  after all the Full Moon upheavals, direct your attention deliberately to the entertaining parts of life and remind yourself it isn’t so serious after all. Sometimes the knack for cracking significant challenges is forgetting about it, having fun and resting your exhausted mind and heart. And this is why Goddess gave us Gemini – to stop everyone being so arduous and kick the party off again. With Venus in Gemini love & relationships are more playful: talk about what you enjoy, flirt and indulge sweet talk. Be changeable, curious and capricious – just don’t be predictable.

Mercury (communication) rules Gemini – after 3 weeks in heavy Taurus the change feels hyper stimulating. Getting tangled in words, commenting yourself into hot water is to be expected – take care your playful words doesn’t get read as flippancy. If you need to write or be quick with your words now is a good time to get it done. We are able to examine deeper issues with less emotional attachment and it’s easier to let things slide simply because we don’t go into them as deeply.

Gemini is about seeking fun and games: tired of the heavy processing of the last few months we will be well ready for some light heartedness after the Scorpio Full Moon. The Scorpio Full Moon throws light on all the “coming into your power work” you’ve been up to lately. After? Make time to laugh, let down your hair and do lots of talk that isn’t serious or even deep. Friendship & romances you start now will be blessed with a sweet cheekiness. Go & play – keep it sweet ♡

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3 thoughts on “Venus & Mercury in Gemini: Sparkly Sweet

  1. Hi Asha

    Wow, this is so meaningful to me right now – the Gemini me! Wow again! These posts, are they supposed to relate just to the day they are written (as in a daily horoscope) or the week, or how long?

    Sadie X


    1. Most of my posts relate to the movement of the planet through that sign or a particular aspect (an eclipse or a cross formation) which might last anywhere from a week to a couple of months as we unravel the fallout! With this article it holds until May 7 when Venus leaves sparkly Gemini and enters Cancer. This will begin to grace your financial sector (Venus rules the 2nd sector of the chart) – so after she makes your look gorgeous to others, she then kisses your finances, material resources etc 🙂 Mercury stays in Gemini a little while as he will do a retrograde dance through that sign in a few weeks – so there’ll be some reflection, gathering and analysis going on. ❤


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