Aquarius Moon – Sharing the Discovery

We are in the last week of the Moon month. It’s time to weave together our experience since the New Moon in Aries 3 weeks ago. Aquarius = The Principle of Humanity – it’s time to take that hard won wisdom and communicate it. This month has been one of newly affirmed purpose, renewed self belief and for some of you, radical shifts in identity. But identity is nothing if kept to ourselves. We must bring that to the collective and see how our becoming enriches our humanity. You are unique, yes. But you’re also one of a couple billion humans currently living and multitudes of ancestors who brought you forth in the first place
. Say thank you meaningfully. Share who you are, what you know, who you have Become – you don’t exist separate from others. Your individuality is only so important as that it is fundamentally human.


We started with an Aries dark moon – setting sail after a looong time battling one BIG difficult process. The Scorpio Full Moon took us deep to retrieve the fundamental piece of truth hiding in the midst of all this life revolution. Having grasped that, we climb steadily to the surface and as we rise the sense of triumph and joy breaks over us.

Take what you have discovered and use it to change the world around you – find others working on the same stuff and connect, weave your knowledge together to really change things. None of us is strong enough to do it alone. But our individual journey is essential if we are to understand the forces shaping the events in the world beyond us. The lone wolf Scorpio full moon experience is important but it ultimately means nothing, unless we take it further. We are all individuals working as part of a whole. This is the lesson of Aquarius.

You have found an important piece of your individual puzzle. Now take it and find where it fits, where your experience can enrich your commUnity. (Yes…I did. I just hippified the word community by adding a capital in the middle. I’m not even sorry)

Love one of your favourite Aquarians, ME
(Asha Maria)


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