Daily Tarot with Asha |Do Your Own Thing


 3 of Wands – A Healthy Ego (Sun in Aries)
The Sun – Joyous Friendship  (Sun)

The Sun is the centre of life and light and in Astrology the Sun represents your core self. When you let your light shine then other shiny, bright people honour what you are too. It’s also easier for your own to identify you if you are unabashedly doing your OWN thing. If you are surrounded by unpleasant people it doesn’t mean it’s your fault coz your vibes aren’t high enough, it just means you’re not anchored in your own identity and you’ve drifted into someone else’s orbit. A healthy ego is essential to finding your way to a steady network of relationships and as much stability as you can ever have in life.

The 3 of Wands brings us the message that it’s time to set off from those relationships and situations that don’t fit with the new vision. That doesn’t mean you have to cast people off, just look over what’s in your life and where you want to go and be honest – is this really what I am about? Am I really contributing anything to their lives? When we grow in different directions we need to know when it’s time to just do our own thing and get on with our journey. The second card, the Sun, shows we find companionship with others just a little further down the road. And there they are in the safe and sunny flower garden dancing and such. The dark clouds are melting away and the Sun is climbing into the sky with strength and warmth. This could be you! You too could be merry!

Thing is, before you get to have a little rest in the garden with the babe in the pink dress and curling locks, you have some self assertion or disentanglement to do (maybe both). Good news is, that work can be gentle and warm if you are mindful – your needs here, my needs over here a cheery wave and off I go. Alternatively you can use the 3 of Wands as an ego-battle. Choice is yours, but a smile & firm step in your own direction is always preferable to the “Let me tell you something” speech. Your ‘old’ companions might join up with you further down the road after all, so leave things open.

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Send me a message or comment to make a time for your in-depth reading – make sense of your journey so far, understand the power you have to face what will soon arrive. 

Asha is an astrologer, tarot reader and dream-reader. Her method empowers you to master your fate with wisdom and courage. Asha reads in Sydney, Wollongong and via Skype. She also teaches classes & hosts regular workshops. When you understand your personal story you can rewrite it, making different choices at the next turn in the road. If you approach your personal story with conscious will  – rather than seeking to escape – you will discover your intent. Your intention gains power & you become the lead character in your story not the passive victim of fate. Tarot & Astrology have always been used for this reason; to arm you with the knowledge to change your path where you can and continue with courage when you can’t.

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