Mercury Retro – What did you say??!!

mercury retro gemini
Mercury Retrograde kicks off from Monday. The slowing down, tripping up and tricksy weirdness starts to be felt now… Mercury retro periods are notorious for messages that go missing, delays and unexpected communications. The chatty fall silent and the taciturn won’t shut up…The stuff you want to keep in gets out but the things you desperately *want* to say just gets tangled on your tongue. Gemini is known for curiosity and sparkly, quick witted thinking so this speeds up the unexpected and cheeky aspect of this event. The only way to deal with the nonsense back-and-forth is to see what you can fluke out of it. Wing it and if you can’t, fake it and you might even make it. Thanks to Saturn and Mars facing off during all this Mercury trixiness there is another factor to consider. If you’ve been facing big obstacles to communication you will be more successful at getting message across now. The results however…remain to be seen. And nothing is as it seems…Mercury goes direct about 3 weeks later but til then the usual Mercury retro precautionary measures required: double check things, re-read before you hit “send”, and listen carefully before you react and say something in a flurry of misdirected text messages ♡ Asha Maria

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