Mars opposition Saturn Retro: A little frustrated


MANFREDI_Bartolomeo_Cupid_ChastisedMars is all jumpy in Gemini and Saturn is being screwy in Sagittarius. Retro Saturn is a pain in the a** if you need any kind of reliable structures to work within in. And though I hate beigeness I do like to know the limitations I’m facing when trying to move the life stuff in any given direction. I might not like the limits but worse than limits I don’t like? Shifting goal posts with limits not where they should be and then popping up hours later elsewhere *without good reason*

As an Aquarius I survive almost exclusively on explanations of why. Because is not an answer. I am presently huffing because I am temporarily out of theories and as it’s the end of the moon month I know it’s time to let things dissipate, yet pushing anyhow. With the Moon in Aries right up on Chaos Master Uranus and Jupiter in Leo things may emotionally get a little MUCH. Don’t try and talk it out – Mercury is retroing too. Make each other tea,  cuddle, get nostalgic your only hope is to tap into the Venus in Cancer love vibes. If anything this is a lesson in focusing on what is sweet in life and letting concerns about “things not working” be seen for what they are – irrelevant and a distraction from the right now.

Some strategies:
a) hook into the gratitude/joy. I usually struggle to do that joy one, and if you aren’t feeling it, it just feels soooo obnoxious. So….My next strategy is to
b) focus on the smallest piece of the task at hand and just do that.
c) watch Adventure Time with Finn and Jake in a sheet and blanket cubby with my kid/ a best mate / a cup of tea.

Remember in the last 2 days of the moon month – the vibe tide is low. I reccommend putting off any action or discussion until Monday’s New Moon in steady Taurus. Really it’s not so bad; and Mars and Saturn stop antagonising each other by Monday(ish)  ~ kiss kiss Asha Maria

Image credit: “The slant serpent, the torturous serpent” Denis Kostramitin

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