New Moon in Taurus: Acts of Love


New Moon in Taurus: Acts of Love

Make your highest values real. Venus, the ruler of Taurus is in Cancer making this New Moon about nurturing steady attachment to our beloveds. Mercury retrograde in Gemini asks us to reflect on what we want to say and how we might say it so that we are heard and understood.

With tense aspects between Saturn retrograde (revisiting old pain) and Mars (agitation) I encourage you to turn aside from confrontation and instead bring attention to a steady path; food, garden, body, simple expressions of sexuality and senses. If you find yourself frustrated in getting over and on with stuff use the power of the Taurus Moon cycle (devotion) and Venus in Cancer (nurturing) to redirect your purpose to those who rely on you and vice versa. Honour your body too…without it you simply, are not. Venus (sensitive feeling) moving into the cross purpose of Uranus (chaos) and Pluto (violent transformation) later in the week. If you feel suddenly overwhelmed hold steady, and refrain from reactions if at all possible until another 48 hrs have passed. 💞 Asha Maria

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