Moon in Libra – Exhaaaale….


Sigh sweetly as the tide moves the Moon into gentle Libra. The ruler of Libra is Venus and she is reclining in nurturing Cancer. Work gently and get home to sprawl on the couch as soon as possible.
If you are under pressure at work you won’t get anywhere by trying to push through at high speed. Instead check that things are balanced and make incremental adjustments. On Sunday/Monday we had some tough astrology, I explained the way through it was to work with Venus (well being) supporting Chiron (healing wounds). Today the tense Sun, Mars and retro Mercury tangle in Gemini is harmonising with the Moon in Libra too. We have a chance to work through those tense vibes from earlier in the week by looking at things Libra style -balancing the situation out, creating places of beauty and harmony and cultivating calm instead of trying to push towards the goal. Step back, make small adjustments, how can you make your work elegant? Have you considered gracious conduct and diplomacy with that thing you just can’t seem to get through to those you’re dealing with? If all else fails leave early, bake something and hide under a blanket on the lounge.

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