Find Your Path – Keys as Symbol

In honour of Mercury retrograde and synchronicities here is a post about lost keys and the power of learning from repeated smacks in the face from the Universe… 🙂 I’ve had a day where my ancestors (or newly acquired ancestors) have been turning things up all over the place. Observe the synchronicities and rejoice that life speaks to you if you want to listen…revel in the unfolding mystery of your consciousness shown as much by your moments of wisdom as the moments when you are blushing to the roots of your hair for being silly again ❤ Asha Maria



So..after much tearing my hair out look what turned up? My keys found their way back to me. Or I found my way back to the keys. Normally minor disasters like losing all my keys while out and about with the RamChild is just too much. Of course my phone was also dead, I had a migraine & it was 30 °C. Exhale…

This is the 3rd key related incident in our house in recent months. Being a symbolist & generally magickal person I tried to ignore my ★knowing★ that this was my psyche projecting issues around keys, open doors, being stuck, locked in.. I chose to rationalise instead…it’s just keys! Right?

Keys symbolise our power to move through life – they are the ‘abre caminho’, Way Openers. When we are mindful placing keys down & picking them back up we are unconsciously demonstrating responsibility for the paths we choose…

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