Full Moon in Sagittarius : What Really Matters

candace bergen

What really matters to you? What are you seeking? What do you refuse to give up because it is yours?

The Moon grows to full in the sign of the Archer June 2, light is thrown on what we consider noble, true and good. The New Moon was in the last degrees of Taurus – the body, self-care and those values we hold to stubbornly. This blend of Taurus pragmatism and Sagittarius idealism shapes our month, we are challenged to work out how to balance our mundane lives and the ethical systems we live by – or think that we live by.

With Mercury retrograde in Gemini we are doing a lot of analysis and review – little pieces of information are coming together, being uncovered or perhaps we’re willing to acknowledge stuff we knew but didn’t want to look at. I know a lot of you have been getting unexpected and not always welcome messages or information – I ask you to hold fast through painful realisations or disclosures – they are strong medicine that purge, heal and strengthen the psyche if you are brave enough to work with it. And Taurus is brave – in a kind of stubborn, determined way. Sagittarius is bold and determined to discover at any cost.

Hold through the tears or frustration, self reproach or indignation. Move into deeper connection with what it is that you value and stubbornly refuse to let go of, not the values of others. You can only really discover if your work is authentic to your values if you are tested. And testing is usually arduous. Do not let this discourage you.

The deeper your values,
the bigger your ideals
the harder you are pushed to claim them.

That’s just the rules. It’s character building, as my Mumma says. (I still grind my teeth when I hear that phrase – but as always, Mumma wisdom is right. Damn it.)  If it doesn’t hold you need to revisit what you are capable of from the ground up. If you are lacking sleep or weak from self-neglect then your ideals are meaningless. I don’t mean your ideals have no value – it means you can do nothing with them while you are weak or distracted by basic survival stuff because you are too busy seeking metaphysical answers. If you have to wait until you have “enough” to live in keeping with your ethics, to practise your religion or spirituality your soul self will be starved until “enough” arrives (and it never does, the goal posts keep moving).

This Full Moon ask yourself:

What endures in my life that reflects my value system?

How can I care for myself, defend my values & hold my ground on what matters?

What do I need to do on a basic level so I can keep seeking, raising up my heart?

Is your need for “security” chaining me to worries or a lifestyle I don’t really believe in?

Do I need more material comfort than I like to admit?

There’s been some tense energy this month (read here and here) but it all flows towards getting in touch with what we really value. Our values are a big part of our identity – if you make any progress at all in this direction you have done well!


The Sagittarius Moon Full moon tomorrow brings joy into all this serious reflection and intense emotional experiences. The Archer never loses faith, even when he is trying to get his bearings deep in the forest, he relishes the adventure. He knows adventures aren’t about feeling comfortable – adventures are about discovery and the freedom of being completely self-reliant.

Hold to your basic values, care for your material self. The mundane life is just as holy as art, poetry, philosophy and the material life is nothing unless it is guided by a higher sense of purpose. What you need is the bow, what you believe is the arrow. Keep hunting your purpose with stubborn courage.

 love Asha Maria

Comment, ask, let’s work out where in your chart is being lit up by the full moon!

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Asha is an astrologer, tarot reader and dream-reader. Her method empowers you to master your fate with wisdom and courage. Asha reads in Sydney, Wollongong and via Skype. She also teaches classes & hosts regular workshops. When you understand your personal story you can rewrite it, making different choices at the next turn in the road. If you approach your personal story with conscious will  – rather than seeking to escape – you will discover your intent. Your intention gains power & you become the lead character in your story not the passive victim of fate. Tarot & Astrology have always been used for this reason; to arm you with the knowledge to change your path where you can and continue with courage when you can’t. Book here

4 thoughts on “Full Moon in Sagittarius : What Really Matters

  1. Yes, yes, exactly! I made a financial decision a few days ago that will leave a large hole in our finances, offending my pragmatic Taurean self, but feeding my ethical self. It’s not all worked out yet, and it’s nerve wracking, but it still feels right. What degree is the full mon in sag?


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