1st Rule of First Aid: Moon conjunct Chiron


The first rule of first aid is to make sure you are securely clear of danger before attending to others. Look, I dunno if that is actually the first rule of first aid but it seems sensible. Look at this silly girl rushing to the aid of some well dressed looker who has run his sword through a TREE. Wtf. A tree. And while she’s all busy being virtuous and getting herself into a fetchingly devoted position as regards the rest of the painting an ominous person hovers in the background. Seem familiar?
The romantic self goes to excess easily; so dazzled by the sheer gorgeous pathos of things that the mundane bastard in the suit can easily sidle up and take over. Look, he’s cooly tallying up the resale value of all that rich cloth & other props already. A smarter girl would’ve leapt on the horse and made off with the goods. Leaving the suit to deal with the self indulgent moustache collapsed on the ground from *stabbing a tree*.

The moon continues to tear open your heart today as she joins with Chiron – our wounds – in “so – emotional-things-are-getting-snotty” Pisces. This is bringing a whole host of other weepy, seems bigger than it is outbursts of feeling. Well, better out than in but just hold off on anything decisive lest others mistake your feelings (and they’re legit) for declarations of intention. Expressing yourself isn’t decision making. It’s letting out turbid waters so you can run clear and then make any moves as needed. Mercury is heading direct tomorrow so slowly…slowly things show themselves, answers arrive and delays move on…but we are at the darkest part of the moon month. No new directions or plans til the New Moon in a weeks time. Reflect, release and write/paint/express yourself until you feel better. Because it’s all so much I reccommend expression somewhere just for you -your notebook, your favourite quiet place, the shower. Don’t make others wear your wounds. But do not wear theirs either.

Much love, Asha Maria

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