Sun in Cancer – Coming Home

Sun in Cancer at Austinmer beach

Coming Home: – This is Cancerian month and the home, mama, nesting vibes are high. Cancer is the sign of the Sea as source of life. The Sea is our Holy Mother, she embraces all the Earth, there is nowhere she cannot be found. Even in the desert we see her, where she once was.
This is a month for looking at roots, our relationships to home & hearth and to the mother. Now…the mother thing can be one of the most conflicted and sore spots in all of our lives. There’s no quick way to heal that wound. One way I’ve found is to meet the Mother wherever I can find her, in nature, my own body, the principle of care and nurturing that remains and endures despite the best efforts of those that divide. To celebrate her and talk to her. To cry with her and to draw on her strength to care for others. Like the Sea her love & strength is boundless. Ave Maria.

After a month of frenetic Gemini energy and the lull of the Winter Solstice there is a settling, a steadying as we slow down and care for beloveds and rest. It is time to weave in the insights Mercury retrograde brought us and to allow ourselves to believe, Jupiter trine to Uranus brings exciting possibilities and Venus in Leo makes our hearts courageous (and trusting) again. Time to trust. Time to love. Time to settle in, realise how much you’ve grown and achieved. Celebrate whatever it is you have survived or won from the 9 year long Uranus/Pluto square – and I mean really crow with triumph, joy and tears of relief. Saturn is back in Scorpio, going retrograde until Aug 02. If you have the sense that some of that hard won restructuring was for nothing hold on! Instead of getting into the fear/doubt that Saturn retrograde can bring, check the new foundations and reflect on where your new structures could do with some more strengthening before we leap forward into an entirely new chapter of life. From mid August all the new planning will kick into gear so make sure the plans you have in place are solid. You might not have time to revise them later!

Love, Asha Maria

Sutherland‬ Beloveds I am reading this Sunday at Club East at the Embrace Life Festival, make sure you comment or inbox to get the discount code for the entry ticket.

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