Expect the Unexpected: Moon opposes Uranus


Uranus is not only the butt of many an astronomical joke but a pain-in-the-a** when it comes to life just puttering on as it “should” (minimum challenges…max predictability). Ha! No such luck today. Uranus brings flashes of insight and doses of crazy. He’s unpredictable and this morning he opposes the Moon bringing a buzz of insight, a blast of information or if you’re really lucky a little bolt of kaos, out of the blue.
The moon transmits the vibes of whatever planets she comes across in her 28 day journey around the zodiac. The 4 main phases of her monthly travels show how our month will develop, what we are working on in that time,  where our efforts bear fruit (Full Moon) or where we face challenges (first quarter).
The Moon is in her first quarter phase in Libra. Uranus opposes the Moon provoking us to face our true feelings around partnerships & the balance of power in relationships. Mercury in his home town, Gemini is squaring Neptune bringing weird dreams, daydreams or fantasy that are hard to shake off. These dreams confront deep complexes and are necessary to heal wounds. When we accept illogic as a valid approach to what we sense we can honour the dreaming process and work with it rather than, you know, waking up shouting covered in cold sweat. We can gather much intelligence from these dreams if we can accept them as a necessary process, not fear them. Listen to the dreams but don’t take them as “signs” of anything other than your beautiful psyche working through & releasing you from crap you don’t need. Despite the sudden big feels Uranus vs. Moon brings us luck, an unexpected opportunity. Jupiter (joy and grandeur) and Venus (sweetness) are cuddling in Leo, bringing luxurious, playful and happy vibes. The Uranian surprises might make you uncomfortable but can bring you wonderful good fortune *if* you approach it Uranus style, standing on your head or doing acrobatics until you can see what’s *really* arrived at your feet, in your inbox or your embrace. Much love, Asha Maria

See you at Embrace Life Fest this Sunday at Club on East #sutherland #theshire #southsydney #astrology #horoscope

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