Sun & Mars in Cancer: After All I’ve Done For You!


The Sun entered the sign of Cancer earlier in the week, and now Mars is joining him. Staggering displays of passive-aggression and sulking that verges on an art form are par for the course. If you find yourself fuming, grinding teeth, huffing, or saying “fine” a lot you know you’re under the influence. You need to pay attention – your frustration always tells you something is not right. We can come up with all the fine excuses in the world but they won’t soothe agitation. The agitation is there and unpacking it through talking calmly, journalling or going for an indignant walk is the responsible thing to do.

Mars in Cancer sharpens our emotional instincts. Cancer is not the favourite battle ground of Mars. Mars power likes to go in a straight line at high speed to the goal. Cancer is the sign of the Crab and Crabs move sideways. How can we use this power so we don’t end up frustrated and scuttling in circles hanging a mood on everyone? If you don’t feel right, it’s going to come out – better to identify what’s going on rather than wait until you explode in a dazzling display of crabby agitation.

Do not let misplaced nostalgia make you feel like you owe anything to established friendships that do not support you to live with joy & strength. You may be called upon to defend the life you have won for yourself, to stand your ground. Do it. Fight for your right to be who you have become, without apology. Your own happiness and peace trump the obligations – and manipulations – of those you were bonded to in the past.

It’s ok to let things dissolve if you right now has different limits and needs than you 10 years ago. This doesn’t mean those we call kin must never challenge us. All those we share close bonds with must nurture us in some way. You are not an infinite well that others can drink from as they please. If you are exhausting yourself tending to the food, comfort & warmth of others while your own belly grumbles and you shiver with cold you need to really reflect on why you take that option. If you want to serve, do so. But name it for what it is. Then you can do it with clear energy. If we kid ourselves about the one-sidedness of a relationship when it’s your turn to need support you won’t get it. That is not wise. Eventually you will need support. That’s how life works, ebb and flow. If those you devote yourself to aren’t respectful enough to return the care as best they can when they are called on you are kidding yourself. Then comes the grumbling, the passive aggression and the guilt.

With Venus and Jupiter in proud Leo, it’s time to demand a little credit for the affection and love you pour into others, and if you don’t get it I recommend you should roar. It’d probably do you a bit of good to stamp your foot or toss your head – especially if you have been graciously making excuses to those who see friendship as a one way street. Understand where loyalties truly lie in those relationships you consider family-like. Cancerian energy is wise, economical and often quite blunt. Nurturing doesn’t mean not being realistic. Put you efforts in where you get something back too. Care – except with those who are dependant – is an investment. Any Cancerian knows that.

With Saturn retrograde and back in Scorpio the sense that we are losing ground on some of those foundational life structures gives rise to all those old doubts. “I really can’t do this” , “Nothing changes, all that growth has stopped and is proof that there’s no point bothering.” And even perhaps, “maybe those people who I am trying to move away from are all right.. I really am (insert self-doubt here)”. If you feel like you just spent 2 years revisiting, testing and restructuring your entire life and don’t have much evidence for the efforts remember Saturn is a slow moving planet. Saturn work is hard, gruelling slog but it does pay off…over time you will see the fruit of all that thankless work. Your exhausted sense of “why did I bother” will evaporate.

Venus in Leo is right next to Jupiter which adds a wonderful dash of glamour and luck right when we need it. Remember what I said about planets next to each other blending and expanding their power? Venus is the Power of Love & Beauty and Jupiter is the Power of Plenty; together they offer us bountiful doses of joy & sweetness (although in Leo there is a little tendency to go overboard so make sure you don’t overcommit in the area of romance. If you are sure just indulge the big romantic sentiments and declare your love in skywriting or any other extravagant public display of affection.) Leo makes everything louder, bigger and more… so this delightful pairing buoys up our energy, inviting us to you know, just possibly, this once, look at things from a bright perspective. Because Jupiter also rules luck & Venus, prosperity if you have a chance – take it – you are more likely to get a surprisingly pleasant result.

 Have a beautiful weekend beloved readers, and let me know just how you are feeling these Cancer Mars vibes or the Leo Venus/Jupiter love vibes!

Asha Maria Tarot Astrology DreamworkAsha is an astrologer, tarot reader and dream-reader. Her method empowers you to master your fate with wisdom and courage. Asha reads in Sydney, Wollongong and via Skype. She also teaches classes & hosts regular workshops. When you understand your personal story you can rewrite it, making different choices at the next turn in the road. If you approach your personal story with conscious will  – rather than seeking to escape – you will discover your intent. Your intention gains power & you become the lead character in your story not the passive victim of fate. Tarot & Astrology have always been used for this reason; to arm you with the knowledge to change your path where you can and continue with courage when you can’t. Book Here

3 thoughts on “Sun & Mars in Cancer: After All I’ve Done For You!

  1. A great astro summary as usual, thanks Asha. I have saturn and Mars conjunct in Mars in the 4th house. This is usually interpreted as me having an abusive mother, or maybe being one myself/ having over-developed passive aggressive sullking tendencies. I know mars is in its fall in cancer, but I really think it’s time for a more modern look at the planet of war in this placing! Harnessed correctly, we mars in cancer people make excellent mothers, strong and protective, as well as house witches, and warriors for our family, community, the divine feminine and healing on all levels. I don’t know if it is my aries rising, but I am not pass/agg or a sulker – although I don’t like and will avoid conflict, especially with friends. What are your observations of strong mars in cancer placements?


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