Venus in Virgo – For a little while at least…

little acts of love poem Venus dances into Virgo, leaving Leo love dramas behind. ..well for a few days at least before she turns retrograde July 26 and tracks back into Leo. For the next week we get a little taste of Virgo care, delicacy and containment when it comes to love & flirtation. And we’ll get to enjoy it again after the Venus retro ends in early September. With Venus in Virgo our heart is filled with joy when we serve and care for our beloveds in little, ordinary ways; discreet acts of devotion not the demands for PDAs Leo Venus brought us all last month. Virgo is the opposite sign to the emotionally and spiritually devoted sign of Pisces but she is just as keenly concerned with the care and compassion of those she calls her own. Virgo Venus wants her beloveds to have the added luxury of quiet & privacy to enjoy her ministrations. She gives with open hands in the most thoughtful, practical and useful ways.
Though nowhere near as flamboyant & dramatic as Venus in Leo, Venus in Virgo is peaceful. Some of you may be quite relieved to enjoy a little quiet before we begin the review, reflection and consolidation of Venus Retrograde transit that lasts til September. Now some astrologers are all doom and gloom on Venus retrograde but over here we look at things as processes. It depends on where you are at in your life & how determined you are to hold onto stuff on the level of the ego that causes the challenges. I’ll be writing more on Venus Retrograde this week but for now I have some sweethearts who need caring for. Go care for yours too. Kiss kiss, Asha Maria

Poem: Little Acts of Love : Marge Piercy

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