Saturn – Lord of Limits

The_Seven_Planets_-_SaturnSaturn is often considered a planetary bad guy. But without the Lord of Limits none of the stuff we dream of or long for would ever exist. Saturn is the Lord of bones, time, death (and thus life), history, tradition, rules & structure. He rules Capricorn and Aquarius and in your birth chart he shows where your limits lie, what you fear, how you deal with fear and tough lessons: the ones your mother calls character building. And she’s right….Saturn experiences build character; your real character, not the fantasies we make of our identity. He cuts away the superficial, back to the bare foundation. When we know what we’ve got to work with, we can get to work and make something of our lives that lasts.

Saturn returns to direct motion on August 02 after a few months retrograde. When he’s in retrograde it’s hard to make structural change or make it stick! Things get soupy….think of a jellyfish…no bones…can’t hold anything up. Now he’s back on board expect to see projects make concrete developments, work to build up rather than ebb and flow and there *may* be accountability coming if you’ve been a little too “irresponsible” during the retro phase. Saturn is responsible and austere but really, he’s got our best interests at heart. Unlike Jupiter who is always fun, generous to a fault & convinces you to stay out all night so you sleep thru your alarm and get fired Saturn keeps it real, at times it’s dull but it’s more secure, reliable, stable. It’s all about the balance of austerity (Saturn) & indulgence (Jupiter).

Love, Asha Maria

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