Aquarius Full Moon – We are Ancient. We Have Power.


In a world where justice seems to be an antique concept, when civil liberties are being taken away, when those that are meant to lead us flagrantly steal from us and destroy our Mother – it is the bonds of kin and soul bonds that are our resistance. They are our survival, our triumph and eventually it is the Soul Kin bonds that will bring about the revolution of the Heart we need.  This Full Moon asks us to bring our gifts for the betterment of our World. And it couldn’t be more needed than right now. Our moon journey this month has taken us into the watery, loving Cancerian depths where we nourished hearth and home. Those that truly matter, grew in importance we have been called to protect and care for our deeply bonded ones. This month has also brought many disruptive and challenging aspects with Mars & Sun oppositions to Pluto (the destroyer/transformer) and then square to Uranus (the Revolutionary Force). There were moments of truth that provoked hunger for change as dark news piled up and crisis appeared within your own life . It seemed as if the usual barrier between “in-here” and “the world” melted. Every experience that crossed the threshold brought us a microcosmic understanding of the greater dramas in the world.

Venus moved into Virgo calling us to serve our beloveds, to heal and care before she tuned retrograde – she now returns to Leo and throws off her maidenly robes for those of a richly arrayed Queen. We begin a long period of reviewing love, relationships and in Leo she asks us to look deeper into how the Sovereign self can join with others to truly connect and love. Yesterday Pluto and the Moon aligned in Capricorn bringing the deeper emotional life bubbling up to the surface. Allow it to be and don’t try to staunch the flow of feeling, gather the waters into the Vessel of the Aquarian Full Moon. If there is to be outer change then within you deep inner change must first take place. What you learn by looking within is wisdom we need you to share with the rest of us. Carry your wisdom outward – you may have the medicine or the message we are waiting on to begin healing. Perhaps your inner reflections will inspire others to do similar work. You have no idea how important you truly are.

Our culture, our family traditions, songs and stories are older and stronger than governments, political movements, history itself. Do not lose heart or believe life is hopeless. But do not distract yourself with simple answers to the deep problems we face, do not soothe yourself to sleep. Remember that we are ancient, how deep our connection to the Earth really runs. Our Humanity is not separate or above the life of the Earth. Our individuality exists within the context of our bonds to others. Our ancient human magick, this store of treasure is at risk of being forgotten. The tools of distraction, division “it’s not my problem” or “I can’t do anything about it” are stealing your power and your freedom. Get it back. It’s yours.

Your life, the communal life, the life of this Earth depends on very simple things. Sometimes the most old-fashioned things are revolutionary in themselves. The loyal simplicity of hearth & home is where the strength of community lies. We are ancient and we have power. We draw our power from our traditions and use it to create a sparkling, exciting future. You are unique but you are woven into a web of community and kin.  In this network resides all knowledge, all solutions to problems and all power for change. Without this you will run dry, the vessel you carry will be empty. You cannot be an individual without a community within which to be.

Don’t tune out from the horror of the world but don’t play the game. Look at it square on and work at changing it where you can. Rest at home in-between. These rests with kin remind us why we are doing this, and our strength is renewed. Be honest with your abilities, and work steadily. Tyrants everywhere – domestic and global – are playing a short-sighted game. They are so impatient to serve their endless appetite for greed they cannot see beyond “give it to me now!” Patient, steady work on our part is the simple and sure path to lasting change. Water takes the path of least resistance, flowing to its goal. You can’t stop it once it gets going. Remember, deep change is stronger than violent revolution – in part because it can run so deep it is considered insignificant, and the powers that be are only concerned with their own significance. 

Consistent  actions of devoted love are revolutionary.
Choosing to support the Collective, not self interest, is a choice that supports your individuality.

Joining the herd is not joining the community. Our Social Media ‘individuality’ is conformity. For communities to be strong we must have a good understanding of who we are as individuals. Then we must live to that as much as we can. What do you bring to the striving of humanity? You are important  – and with that comes responsibility. Your ancestors didn’t go through all that hell of surviving for you to spend your time using a goddamned selfie stick. What are you here for? What did great-grandmother suffer for you to be here now? The chance of you even existing at all is a miracle.

Defend your rights, your community & your traditions from the creep of indifference, of disconnect or “this doesn’t suit me”. Come together, share kindness, food, connection, warmth. And carry this connection, this love, in a vessel of your own making to the wider world. This is the lesson of Aquarius, to carry water from the deep well of your life to those who have dried out and forgotten their Soul.

May this Full Moon fill your eyes with the light of your own being – with much love from this Aquarius, Asha Maria

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Image Credit: Hakon
Image Credit: Hakon

7 thoughts on “Aquarius Full Moon – We are Ancient. We Have Power.

      1. Ah so good to hear such kind words. I was worried with this one I may have strayed into ranty 😉 being an Aquarius with Cancer midheaven conjunct part of fortune it’s been a clarifying, revealing cycle. I definitely feel reaffirmed to my purpose and with Saturn going direct again I feel like new horizons are opening … interesting times ahead 💕🌟🌙🌟


      2. It’s a little ranty, but in a good way :). I just did a full moon ritual focusing on releasing the old and bringing in the new. Venus retrogrades are always interesting for me with sun, Venus and Jupiter in Taurus and a Libran moon…it is often a clarifying time, relationship wise :).


      3. Hehehe can’t help myself… from recollection I did that last year on the Aqua full moon 😉 blessings on your process and eventual reemergence from the Venus retrograde in October x

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