The Balsamic Moon: Quiet & Rest


“In a world where justice seems to be an antique concept, when civil liberties are being taken away, when those that are meant to lead us flagrantly steal from us and destroy our Mother – it is the bonds of kin and soul bonds that are our resistance. They are our survival, our triumph and eventually it is the Soul Kin bonds that will bring about the revolution of the Heart we need.  The Moon journey this month called us to bring our gifts for the betterment of our World. And it couldn’t be more needed than right now.”
As the moon wanes to dark our vitality slows to a low hum…it’s time to reflect quietly,  clean your altars, take an extra nap and celebrate the life you’ve lived these last 4 weeks. As we work with the cycles of the moon we come to a deeper respect & reverence for our instinctual life. It gets easier to listen to the Wild Soul and shake off the dull ache of modern life. Honouring our cycles of planning, activity, resolution and rest is powerful. It’s a powerful statement in a rampantly self destructive “culture”. We turn inwards honouring kin, home and origins. We return to traditions that have always sustained us and always will. With deep roots we can resist storms, tempests, even fire. We remember why it is we are moving ourselves & our communities forward. We remember where we have come from and that we are ONLY here because of the love and striving of infinite ancestors who came before. The fact that we even exist at all is remarkable. I hope this moon month brought you strength in your challenges, courage and clarity in your purpose. You are a precious and unique individual. But you stand on the shoulders of those who came before. You have complete freedom and an awesome responsibility. I feel so blessed to be travelling with you. See you tomorrow for the New Moon in Leo 💕
Asha Maria

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