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Fire Lover: Venus in the Fire Signs


Are you a Fire lover? Venus in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius means when it comes to love you ignite the object of your desire with mad passion. You take the lead and fall in love quickly and spontaneously. You can also fall out of love pretty quickly too. Love is joyous and exciting to you and it’s important that things keep moving, love is an adventure more than anything else.

Aries: Love Warrior
Leo: Queen of Love
Sagittarius: Love Adventurer

To understand how your love style works (or may not be working!) book a 30 min relationships session with Asha, and understand your love astrology. If you want to really explore how you can have love that honours your soul purpose and path in life, let’s meet for an hour. Asha reads tarot, astrology & dreams via Skype, in Thirroul or in Sydney. Direct message or comment for more info. love love love Asha

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