Medicine for Mind & Soul: Mercury & Chrion


With Sun & retrograde Venus square Saturn (the Lord of Limits) you might be feeling a leeeetle like shaking your puny fist at the Gods saying…”hey we had a deal, I’m doing the faith thing and I don’t feeeeel goood!”. Ah yes. .that’d be the opposition between Mercury (mind) and Chiron (wounds). Mercury in Virgo expresses the archetype of the Doctor of Medicine, Chiron in Pisces is the healer of the Soul. Pluto the Transformer supports Mercury’s attempts to bring mental understanding and prudent action to the work of healing deep wounds. Chrion in Pisces counters Mercurial wit with soulful wisdom. Rather than get stuck between these 2 opposites “Should I be logical or spiritual?” Instead let us be alchemists, using the transformative power of Pluto to kindle deep change within, starting from reason we can work deep into the soul. Or for the deeply instinctive, raise what you know to be true to the rational level of the mind and then speak to your wisdom. You will have to transform your message in the process so that it can be received. This is not the same as changing your message to suit the audience!
Mars the Warrior also forms flowing aspect to the Libra Moon – supporting work that restores emotional balance.
In a few days the Sun will break free from his bonds and you’ll exhale again, shining bright in the midday sky surer of your purpose.
For all those healing, doing the soulwork, trauma survivors who face each day with such courage, for their beloved supporters  I send my love, gratitude and encouragement, keep the love going and keep heart. ♡ Asha Maria

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