Retrieval, What the Soul Sings : Scorpio Moon


Sovereign to your own purpose you are becoming like the Sun, the centre of your own universe, confident in your direction & proud of who you are.
As the moon grows to full in Pisces you will discover that
your spiritual self and worldly self are one and the same.
The Sun Lion and the Infinite Night Sky
Each makes the other known
Each self is precious and holy
Embrace them with Love

The Moon is half-full, the quarter moon of Scorpio aligns with Saturn – now direct – carrying us forward with a keen perception of the pains borne, the strength wrung from our Underworld Initiations and the vast and secret knowledge we carry beyond the “daytime” awareness. We carry a bundle of treasures – a bone, a few smooth round pebbles, bits of this or that. Each item you are taking with you has survived testing; enduring all kinds of weather, a tool you can use for not one but many problems and each muddy treasure you carry signifies some deeper, significant thing. These are your unique initiations, your paths to power. Fold them into yourself and consider them. These are your treasures, your magicks, guard them and honour them and keep them safe.

The sorting of the possessions you wish to carry over this next threshold is done, or very close to it. Explain nothing to those who look at you, now caked with mud, and vines in your hair – wondering why you have left behind things of “value” for your bag of bones, and cloth and torn out pages of old poetries. Smile to yourself, you have transformed, you are emerging both more sure of your place in the daylight world and beginning to glimpse your deepest soul’s purpose. As the moon waxes to Full in the sign of Pisces next Sunday, August 30, take time this week to look at these precious things you have retrieved from the depths of your being, those pieces of yourself you want to take with you into the next cycle that starts with next month’s lunar eclipse in Aries.

A bundle of herbs that heals and clears,

A stone that reminds you of the moon and the cycles of growth and decay,

Dried berries which store summer sweetness and colour to nibble on in cool and lean times

Bones of sacred animals

A piece of yellowed paper with a few secret words that will open any door or heart

… little things, significant things, wrapped in mystery that is yours alone.

blessings to my fellow wild ones, to those becoming wild again ~ Asha Maria

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