Virgo Solar Eclipse: Setting things Straight


☆ECLIPSE TIME☆☆ Tomorrow the New Moon brings an eclipse in Virgo. Slamming doors shut on parts of life resulting from our Venus retrograde insights and opening bright new ones.
What is economical emotionally & energetically, is the lesson of this eclipse. Virgo is the magick of the detail work, ordering and routine. Virgo doesn’t only bring flourishing growth through wise application of knowledge but skilled management and harvest of your efforts too. Virgo maximises profit from effort through care and attention to the work.
Mercury the ruler of Virgo is entering pre-retro slow down in Libra.  This flows well with the recent process of love/money review from Venus ending her retrograde. You’ve had the insights of the heart…now is a good time to observe and analyse how to negotiate and renegotiate those rules and limits that need tweaking (or a complete rewrite).
We’ve got some very tough aspects right now it’s ok to feel like sh*t just got weird and changed shape suddenly. Illusion shattering oppositions between what’s practically possible and the ideal (Jupiter and Neptune) and the Sun (core) and Chiron (wounds) make it a time of painful but also healing realisations. What we are willing to be flexible on and what is no longer acceptable become abundantly clear.
Trust to the tides, they are opening new perspectives at the New Moon tomorrow and the Full Moon eclipse in a fortnight in Aries. You don’t have to know it or control these changes and shifts. You only need to observe, respond or rest in them.
Remain curious
Work with it and you may manage to tidy up significant emotional messes and tangles that have been plaguing you for some time.
Meet your needs for tidy boundaries & ordered feelings …then healing will take place.

Horoscopes up tomorrow ish to Sunday…til then let even the prickly plants teach you their secret medicine and beauty.
Love Asha Maria

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