Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes: A little review before we start

wpid-img_20150826_135346.jpgMercury retro is in full swing, back up your files, watch your mouth and consider things carefully before you jump in – but don’t freak out, Mercury Retro periods always help us to take off the blinders and find innovative solutions to stuff that is holding us back. Mercury retrograde asks us to look at the other side of things – in fair-minded Libra we have a wonderful opportunity in the next 3 weeks to reconsider how we want to live in relationship. (And remember, when I say love and relationships I just don’t mean romantic love but all bonds of sweet affection and mutual reliance.) If you need to redefine the rules, effort, input any balance in your relationships – look at it now, do the work. It’ll pay off and everyone will benefit. Trust yourself and those you are in relationship with to find the right balance.

This is worth it. This is not worth it.

What kind of boundaries do I need? Where do I need to hold fast to my values, where would it benefit me and my significant other to concede to their needs too?

Eclipses bring bright new approaches, new starts, and we have 2 this month, the first was on Sunday just past in Virgo. The next is at the Aries Full Moon on September 27th.  The Virgo Eclipse on Sunday brought a new awareness of how wise and economical we have been with love, effort, energy, time, money, health…in the aftermath of this eclipse take time to wisely weave in what you have learned, make those little changes to the details, hold to the new routine and see what happens. Resist the urge to move past the quiet wisdom of Virgo revelations…things are settling nicely, let them come to rest.

Also…also…also…SATURN HAS LEFT SCORPIO …(read more) for those emerging from their first Saturn return (1984 to 1985 peeps) things get a lot easier from here 😉

(The effects of eclipses are most pronounced in the week before and after, but if your chart is strongly affected the effect lasts months. Avoid making rash decisions from the changes revealed by eclipses. Let is settle, reflect and integrate until mid October AT LEAST.)

Now -here’s your horoscopes, love Asha Maria

Aries: The recent eclipse opened light on your 6th house of health, healing and routine. But with the Virgo Sun opposing the healer/wound Chiron this is a time for facing issues of wellbeing that interfere with routine and steady work. The Mercury retrograde is taking you over issues of relating with those to whom you are bound by contracts such as legal agreements, business partnerships or marriage partners. With your ruler Mars in Leo it is important you don’t get carried away with over confidence, take this Mercury retrograde period to carefully consider the best you can achieve in negotiation with others – the Full Moon in 10 days is bringing an eclipse in your sign…what you can’t see about yourself is as important as those things that are under your control.

Taurus: Beautiful creatures your Goddess Venus has left the underworld and the comfort you sooo need flows back into your life after a long period of feeling distinctly uncomfortable, unsupported. The eclipse last weekend has revealed the need to hold yourself and others accountable to the responsibility that makes intimate relationships work. You are longing to run out into those friendships and connections that don’t challenge/frustrate you quite so much. But, if you can just look to how you can set routines and rules that suit your needs you will get much further than trying to convey to others just where they are failing to be reasonable, reliable human beings. Mercury is now in review mode in your domain of employment, routine and health. Take this time to consider how renegotiating your work/life balance, responsibilities at work and chores at home and better support your overall health and wellbeing.

Gemini: With 2 Mercury related events in 2 weeks you have a wonderful chance to leave the dizzying mess of the past with all its confusion and contradictions to history. The eclipse last Sunday has thrown open a door to a new, more ordered and happier routine at home which will only support new endeavours in your career and public reputation. Your ruler is going retrograde, but thank Mercury – at least it’s in an air sign. His retrograde in Libra helps you steady some of your usual quickness – which to others who process more slowly can seem inconsiderate of the “real issues”. Stand on your head around all matters romantic, creative or child related and see what that perspective gives you. Take the time to really think – what might they need? What might they really want from me and can I / do I/ should I negotiate around that? Remember, some things cannot be cleared up with words (as an Aquarius I sympathise with this dilemma). Look, observe, draw your own conclusions – what people say isn’t always what is going on for them.

Cancer The eclipse in Virgo last Sunday has you thinking about things differently and beginning to realise just how busy – and overcommitted – you really are. Venus is moving forward in your money & values sector after her long retrograde and you should be feeling a little more space to breathe when it comes to the resources available to you. Mercury has entered retrograde in the house of family, home and kin and it’s time to look at how stuff at home is supporting – or messing with – your success publicly (both on the job and your reputation). Exploring and remembering events from the past and how they shape your relationships now is coming up to the surface. In the next 3 weeks to allow each thought to be weighed against the other, observation after observation being placed and matched where it seems to sit best. Try not to go too deeply emotionally with each of these observations – the process right now is about observing, categorising and balancing these discoveries. The Full Moon eclipse in 10 days will help you understand just what it is you want to do with these discoveries.

Leo Things are growing for you Lions, blossoming and flourishing. The growing Virgo energy brought by the Solar eclipse, Jupiter, and the imminent entry of Mars and Venus into the sign by the end of the month is reducing the extreme passions of the last 2 months. You are called to focus your efforts and charm on securing your material position, reinforcing and checking in with your values. Leo, always loving the applause of others must work a little harder to hold to your own values steadily, gentle. This eclipse has brought you a little more of the Virgo prudence to these issues. Diligence and quiet work can bring great reward, and people less flamboyant are more likely to listen. The Mercury retro is bringing you new ways of networking and relating with others. Right now you can charm, convince and convey your perspectives to others through the small kinds of talking. Be clever and say only little pieces at a time, make sure you listen as much as talk – because what we say during Mercury retro phases can be particularly revealing. This will bring you the most luck ahead of the Full Moon eclipse in Aries in 10 days time.

Virgo The solar eclipse on Sunday marked the dawning of a new and gently joyous time for you. Your care and diligence is paying off and you begin to glimpse the sweet reward for doing the “boring” stuff… life is gentle, pleasant and increasingly peaceful. Take this time of settling and integration to enjoy, gathering energy, courage and strength for the entry of Mars into your sign. He’s bringing a push forward to really work and engage with the new joys and opportunities that have arrived in your life. With Jupiter opposing Neptune exactly this week take time to consider where you need to call back mystery & the spiritual to life and where you can let go of some illusions and become comfortable with who you really are. Order and right conduct can be exquisitely beautiful in their elegance as mystical magicks…all you have to do is be real about what is most authentic to you. Mercury your ruler is in retrograde in your domain of material security and core values. Look at what you really value and really need from another perspective there’s no need to draw definite conclusions until Oct 9 end of retrograde.

Libra For the next 3 weeks Mercury is retrograde in your own sign, it’s time to review your relationship with your identity – and how you are projecting that identity onto the world. Give yourself permission to look at yourself from a completely different perspective. Consider “old you” and “you now” and what has changed; who is emerging from the recent experiences of crisis and growth? The solar eclipse occurred in the domain of the unconscious; your deepest psychic needs are revealing themselves. Listen, the psyche is wise.  The Lunar Eclipse in 10 days time provokes matters out into the open – especially when it comes to how you allow yourself to assert you true identity in relation to others. This is an important time for claiming Self. Only when you have claimed your sovereign self can you have the partnerships and connections that are so integral to your being.

Scorpio An unexpected turn of events in the realm of your social/romantic identity was triggered by the Solar eclipse on Sunday. You are being called on by your friends or lover to deal with their needs or hold boundaries so that you can be responsible to yourself and your own right to be. You want change to come dynamically, suddenly and completely. Others aren’t as courageous or live with such ferocious integrity. The Virgo eclipse encourages you instead to do social housekeeping. Think practically, make a list friends, love interests and the needs of your children. Rank them according to your obligations: self-care, care for dependants and then other people. Weigh up the chaos vs. support others bring you and then weigh that against your desire for those people in your life. Then, being strategic as you are dear Scorpion you can clear some of the drama and get some order working for you and those who depend upon you. Mercury is in retrograde in your dreaming life opposing the ‘knowable’ in life. Remember it doesn’t matter what the underlying motivations of other’s behaviour may be. What is possible in your life, what brings the most order and who supports that (or derails that) needs to be seriously reviewed.

Sagittarius Saturn is entering your sign helping you to hold onto and make real your high ideals and values at the same time as the eclipse in Virgo is opening up new ground for you in your career and public reputation. Your ruler Jupiter is bringing luck to your career sector here for the next 9 months. Use this to your advantage and make something from all this good luck, with Saturn in Sagittarius you can put structures into place and establish yourself well, if you want to put the work in. Saturn will be in your sign for the next 2.5 years – so while you may find a nw found concern for structure you are also more able to make things solidify and achieve those lofty goals. Work with Saturn and his responsible ways won’t get you down. As you review your friendships and romantic entanglements during the Mercury retro consider how the important people in your life support your noble quest, dear Archer. (We’re used to your disappearing tricks but it’s nice if you send us a postcard from time to time.)

Capricorn Ah all this responsibility and accountability vibes from the Virgo Solar eclipse sit well with you Capricorn. It almost seems as if people are beginning to understand why you insist on right conduct for once. Your wisdom is called on in the aftermath of the eclipse and you are well placed to help others, not so wise, with how to deal with life, familial duties and appropriate behaviour. Your ruler is changing signs and this means you too are changing gears. You are entering a 2.5 year cycle of restructuring your psycho-spiritual life. In examining these matters you will discover some precious clues to who you really are and why the heck you are here. With Mercury in retrograde in the house of public reputation and career it’s time to look at your life path and whether it’s still what you really want to do. There’s no need to change direction – even with the revelatory Lunar Eclipse in 10 days – keep observing, looking at how you can relate better or get more support from others to achieve your career goals. Hold off on decision making at least until Oct 9. Things won’t begin to clear up until then.

Aquarius We know dear Aqua that you think, because you are the anthropologist of humanity, that you think you are exempt from the tides that shake up and disrupt the other humans. Although you give us cause to suspect otherwise, often, you are just one of the humans. And you have a need for order, routine and steadiness despite your confident eccentricity. The solar eclipse in Virgo hit your eighth house of intimacy and shared resources. It’s an unavoidable reality check up on how your values are holding with the values of your “other person” (and being an Aquarius this doesn’t necessarily mean an intimate partner). The best way through this is to accept responsibility for keeping your confusing theorising well clear of these negotiations. Unless the other person is also an Aquarius no amount of explaining your unique perspectives is going to clear anything up. Please re-read that sentence. Leave the brilliance, instead take a prudent and practical look at the most effective way you can organise time, money, energy, emotions with your intimate people. With Mercury retrograde in your house of philosophy and higher learning, might be a good time to revisit those philosophies that you build your theories on and see whether they still sit well with recent develeopments in your relationships.

Pisces The eclipse last Sunday flooded your life with light and revelation on all matters about identity vs. relationship. Old wounds and how to heal them, the conflict between what’s longed for and what’s practically possible are clearly revealed. You are called to consider how your identity fits in with those you relate to and whether those relationships are bringing you healing or just keeping old wounds open. You are also called to be responsible for healing yourself, instead of seeking your others to help you through it. Remember Pisces is the sign of soul-wisdom, when you can be still you can access the wisdom you need to heal yourself. Other’s motivations and knowledge may not be quite as helpful as you are projecting. With Mercury retrograde in the house of the hidden secrets and shared resources take time to carefully consider where you are losing yourself in other’s values, giving too much (or not enough) and the fairness of any shared financial/work obligations. Are you working as equals or are you working for the advantage of the other person?

Read your Sun sign and/or your ascendant sign if you know it. Need to understand more deeply how you can work with the eclipse?  Want to really get to work on who you are in relationship to others (or do better in the next relationship with boundaries and connecting?)Make time to understand your unique birth chart to live authentically. Book a consultation with Asha Maria here.

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