Blood Moon – Red Moon: Cutting the New Path


Today’s Full Moon eclipse is in Aries – We welcome the fiery opening of new ways and abrupt ending of others as the doors of eclipse tide on the last of the Equinox days signals triumph/surrender, liberation/destruction, finish/ begin anew

It takes courage and still observation to leap into this new tide – it is powerful, overwhelming – as it must be. There has been great darkness and blockage for a long time –  almost a decade coming from Uranus and Pluto battling each other in constant on and off square formations. For a new door to open after such times, we must call and sing to the great force and power – honouring her, the divine Shakti – the vigorous Feminine Force – the Moon and the fiery power of Aries combined.

Make offerings to the moon, red and white and of light – candles, incense, a sacred fire. And wait. Though the energies of this Full Moon are so active, they are too great for us to seize and act upon without calling similar force into the small containers of our lives. We are not big enough to carry this power without near-catastrophe. Observe and honour this Full Moon with hands open to the fate that is coming. Hold open your grateful heart for the fate that is closed behind you. Then this reddened Goddess Force can move according to her own mystery and power – to bring you what is right and needed for you; not what it is that you think that you want.

So…sweep the altar and the step at the front door. Make your offerings ready and raise the sword and strike – a new ending / a new beginning

This is the secret of life, joy and vitality.

Love, Asha Maria

Jai Kali-Ma

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