Learn to Read Oracle Cards with Asha – Workshop

Faery Oracle Deck

Have you got a ‘knack’ for the cards but would like some pointers to get started reading?
Have you got a beautiful Oracle deck and want to learn how to read & use the cards for guidance, growth and soulful healing?
Do you want to deepen your practise? Asha Maria presents a 4 hour workshop at her studio this November 21, with 10 places only.
We will explore:
  • Techniques for reading, for healing, wisdom, guidance and understanding
  • Using altar work, image magic and journal to strengthen your reading practise
  • Serving those you read for with wisdom, integrity and love
  • Practise readings individually and with other participants
  • Journaling, reflecting and improving your reading technique
  • An e-book reading guide written by Asha
  • Tea, cake, connection with other developing readers
You will need:
  • An oracle deck of any kind (ask me if you’re not sure!). If you are starting with tarot, we can explore basic models of reading in this workshop but this is not a tarot specific workshop.
  • A journal and drawing materials (pen or pencil)
  • A cushion to sit on
Oracle cards are a wonderful tool for unravelling dreams, unknotting problems, receiving guidance from your higher self or spiritual guides. They are more straightforward than Tarot and bring soulful, comforting messages. Many people begin with oracle cards before moving to tarot. Others are happy using oracle cards and building more complex methods as their experience grows.
Full Pass: $75
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Concession (Newstart/Parenting Pension): $50

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About Asha: Asha is an experienced tarot reader, oracle guide, astrologer, & spiritual counsellor. She has been reading and working spiritually since a young age. She holds moon circles, wild woman healing circles and sacred ceremonies. You can find more about her work here about asha or email

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