Mercury Retro is Over: The tide is changing


We’re at the end of the moon month. The moon travels through Virgo and Mercury turns direct. Venus is about to enter new territory bringing to conclusion a 12 wk period of reevaluation of love & relationships. The outer planets are generating a sense of dissolving, melting, ambiguous fate. It’s been a huge month with 2 eclipses and Mercury retrograde in the middle of it. Many of you are reflecting on deep transformational shifts in perspective since last month particularly when it comes to love, sex and friendship.
Allow the final tangled threads to unravel. You don’t have to do anything right now…this is time for rest and release. Mercury’s direct movement will bring to the surface pieces of information and understanding you need to make the next steps at the New Moon. There are some tough aspects at play in the next few days. The Sun opposes Uranus and also squares Pluto bringing a little rerun of the Pluto-Uranus square business that is almost completely dissolved. If it feels like things have ‘come up again’ and are also approaching finality…you’re right. Venus and the Moon conjunct and the occulation of Venus this morning brings a gracious but definite close to the relationships work of the last 3 months. The Moon and Venus bring calm on the small world level in the midst of all these ‘winding up’ feelings. Mars opposes Neptune which can lead to deep and uncomfortable feelings bubbling to the surface. Transform it into work or art, don’t project it. Moon and Venus square Saturn bringing sadness, a dose of reality but also steadiness and acceptance with decision making. Saturn square Venus can bring much needed realignments to reality. Get under a blankit and have a nap.

The New Moon occurs on Tuesday in Libra commencing a new cycle in relating.

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