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A Just Balance: New Moon in Libra


The Libra New Moon arrives after a furious month featuring 2 eclipses, a Mercury retrograde in the middle and some tense oppositions between the outer planets. And we are relieved to be beginning a new moon cycle with wise and balanced Libra, with many planets now in precise Virgo. Ma’at the Goddess of the Balance blesses us as we weigh hearts and take the measure of our relationships to move deeper into love, beauty and bounty.

The great Transformer Pluto harmonises with Jupiter, the great Teacher. Work diligently at setting things right in your routine life and transform your life in harmony with your highest calling – your Work. Each thing is now placed where it belongs. Each skill is directed where it can create the most life, bring the most change.

There is a leeetle sense that things haven’t settled completely; eclipse events can echo through our lives for months after – bringing unexpected (but in the aftermath, damn obvious) insights. The kind of insights you can’t ignore. With 3 planets in Virgo we can channel these revelations into steady progress (Mars), integrity (Jupiter) and refined sensibility (Venus). We can call on the Virgo wisdom of these planets to restore right relationship, order and harmony in all aspects of our lives.

If you’ve been reading for a little while you’ll know we’ve just come out of a long period of Uranus – the Revolutionary – squaring (blocking, provoking) Pluto – the Transformer. Across that decade we confronted intense and seemingly insurmountable challenges. Each time we dealt  with it only to find it reemerge again months later, often in a more intense and challenging form. This was a time of harrowing, of breaking down. The good news is that Uranus and Pluto are moving out of angle to each other. But….this New Moon forms a strong opposition to Uranus after briefly squaring Pluto earlier in the week – this means THE BIG CHALLENGE you’ve faced on and off for the last decade rears it’s head again.

Following on from a month of eclipses this re-emergence may just seem all too much and as if you just can’t make one more effort to deal with it. Or, you are feeling insanely frustrated that this has emerged again after all that soul work you did to improve your responses to these kinds of challenges. Don’t get frustrated – let it dissolve. It’s like the backwash of a tide as we move through it. It’s a consolidation not a reversal. You need do nothing but observe it and watch it float away.

A New Tide: Saturn square Neptune: Dreaming a New Reality
Saturn in Sagittarius is moving into a square with Neptune in Pisces which will last until the end of 2016.*  This is a new forming aspect as the Pluto/Uranus square melts away. Saturn is the Lord of Reality and Neptune is the Lord of Illusions and Dreams. The Saturn/Neptune influence will be with us for about 2 years dissolving old forms, melting too rigid realities and drying out dreamy excesses.

It is time to bring down your dreaming from the heavens and transform it into something real. In making our visions real, we bring their beauty to the collective. Saturn in the optimistic and philosophical sign of Sagittarius brings integrity to the ethereal mysticism of Neptune in Pisces.  Bearing in mind we’ve been dealing with intense, grinding, frustration for a decade the stabilising square between Saturn and Neptune brings an entirely new vibe – a challenge to vague dreaming and an opportunity to make real what we hold to be noble, true and good. This is why you are feeling like everything “feels weird”. It’s not weird – it’s a different vibe, and you’re not used to it yet. Which is why you have astrologers to explain this 😉

Get clear on hopes, desires and longing because what you wish for at this time will become manifest – for blessing or for bane. How can you get clear? Listen to your dreams, your deep instincts, trust your knowing. Understand your own cycles of growth and transformation.
Get real with what you long for and what you are capable of achieving.

For this New Moon set an intention to know your heart, balance your heart & head and live in harmony with your highest purpose. You might to light a candle at the New Moon tonight with this prayer to the Goddess Ma’at:

I balance my heart against the feather of Justice
Casting off into the primordial waters
that which weighs down my heart

It is neither good nor bad, simply – not mine
When I release that which weighs down my heart
I liberate bound up force, returning it to Source

Exhaling, I allow Balance to return
I honour the Harmony of Balance
Bringing beauty, bounty and Life
to my own, small Universe

And, having found the point of stillness
I glimpse a quiet truth and exquisite peace
Released, I work to build new forms

Knowing the weight and quality of my heart
Has been tested by the Goddess of Truth
Unburdened by that which is not mine
I call forth beauty and grace
I live in Harmony with the Cosmic Law
 which upholds Heaven, Earth & the Underworld

If you want to understand how this is affecting you personally, make a time to read with me via Skype or in-person here

Saturn Square Neptune Dates:
November 26, 2015 at 7 degrees
June 18, 2016 at  12 degrees
September 10, 2016 at 10 degrees

Note: Because Neptune and Saturn are outer planets the impact of the square is felt in a wide band before the exact angles are formed on these 3 dates.

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