The Wall & The Wild: New Moon in Scorpio


I went to a place sacred to my heart today musing on the medicine for this Scorpion New Moon; poured out, opened to greater depth and the pricking sensitivity that always arises with each new stage of being more attuned to this life, this place, this time we find ourselves present in. I realised I had not been there since the last Scorpio New Moon, 13 moons ago. The place where I sat then had been a point of magic for me – a place where fate spun out of the Earth and reminded me of the old knowing, the eternal Wild.

Today as I walked down, I realised this exact alignment of my return…I looked for the little worn stone seat. There was instead a huge grey wall of concrete. The shore was clumsily bound to the built world, the forgetting world that would tame the Wild; I could not sit where I had longed to sit, I had left it too late, it was gone before I had come back. It was strange and significant and simple all at once. I looked for a path and went through the tangled grass…my beautiful Wild and I with her and the great, grey wall behind me – changing the place completely from what it had been. A natural place gone – unthinkingly – but there remains always, eternal sea.

I had been expecting the past to be there familiar…instead I could only move elsewhere. Closer to the sea…my own self.

Chiron the Healer has been teaching us to look deeply and with compassion at those most painful, tender places. This is a healing time and a time of deep knowing of how and why and what  to do next in recovering from those deep wounds. The Jupiter, Mars and Venus gathering in Virgo opposite to Chiron which has drawn all this out, laying it out clearly, has dissolved leaving only Jupiter – the teacher – opposite Chiron. We have wept, felt, acknowledged. The new forming Saturn / Neptune square brings a new structure – true moving on can take place. The wall has appeared between then and now and it cannot be moved. Turn, find the path and greet the sea.

Pluto and Uranus have floated back into their tough square temporarily. You are challenged now to release once and for all old methods for dealing with conflict, relationships, life in general. They once were necessary, now they do not work. The memory remains but evidence of the site of your experience is obliterated. Saturn and Neptune are the rulers of our new long cycle. Pluto & Uranus methods of all-hell-to-pay doesn’t stick. Saturn and Neptune – structure that makes space for gentle soul – now hold court. A wall where the old story was, and the sea.

Time says – It is done
Soul says – Transcend

Love Asha Maria

Aries: You are being taken into your deepest motivations, the real reasons why you connect and want to share intimate relationship with others. Mercury adds his understanding to this new moon and finds you examining conscience or able to see the reasons behind your instinctive motivations. Venus, the goddess of Love, enters your house of long term relationships. You can do it differently this time if you can accept your own responsibility in the wounding you are carrying (or have given) in the past. If you want to deepen connection or find a real partnership examine deeply your motivations for that connection. You experience radical shifts in understanding and a willingness to open to love beyond fixed ideas of self. I embrace the depths of my nature with grace and gentleness. I am stronger in who I am when I am real with others and respectful of their way.

Taurus The new moon brings a new tide in your significant partnership – or desire for one. The last 6 weeks has brought focus to wounds you have carried for some time just not having your needs met by friends and lovers and fear about being too playful, too light – and at the same time really wanting lightness and fun! For some time the importance of your own creative interests have been competing with your obligations to your partner. Now, you re-enter the lighter side of life, making new connections, rediscovering your flirtatious side and seeking other forms of creative expression. The old sorrow around that particular story is passing away and this will free you to love deeper everywhere else in your life. Steady in myself, I find security. In passion with another I discover my depth. By pursuing creative and joyous time with others I can give the steady, enduring love which is my source of strength.

Gemini Your ruler Mercury aligns with the New Moon in Scorpio and brings a sharp awareness that you need more of a home than you realised if you are to explore the world and fulfil your purpose. Which is kind of important. Venus is blessing your sector of romance and sweetness – which is just as well because frankly you’ve been doing far too much serious work on all the feelings and not enough sparkle and flirt. You may have even been beginning to suspect you are not so sparkly afterall and this new serious cast is how it is from now on. Though illusions may be shattering everywhere lately, Saturn opposing your sign will steady and deepen your perception – instead of the multiplicity of illusions you are beginning to understand the concept of many truths, many paths and many joys. I greet with joy all the facets of my being. My sparkling perceptions reflect shadows, light and exquisite colour. Each is holy and wholly real/unreal. I walk steadily through the glittering beauty of my vast awareness, observing and greeting it all with laughter.

Cancer Grace and gentleness enters your home life and connection to roots. A passionate and new phase commences in your romantic and creative life, what you found too confronting and intense in earlier affairs is illuminated by Mercury’s sparkling clarity. The conflict between higher truth and what you can put into words has oft been a source of pain and ambiguity for you. This time around you find all the sensation that floods you when you get close to someone can be spoken to – with integrity and still express the deeper truths of love. You are beginning to weave in your “higher” thinking with your daily methods of communication; you are starting to grasp the interconnectedness of sacred words and ordinary words. My littlest words convey the truth of love I sense so deeply. My heart is radiant with wise love and my words will follow. My great sensitivity to love is my strength. I choose to speak to love and connection. I say that Love is Truth.

Leo The New Moon heralds a new phase in your relationship to home and family – including the family story. Mercury brings his intelligence to what you need to release and other parts you need to claim and integrate. In the last 6 weeks you’ve confronted wounds around having enough to get by and how this affects your sense of pride in Self. Standing strong on your family story and traditions you can define yourself beyond stuff, popularity or worldly success. The challenge for Leo is to define yourself as an individual, proud of who you but also as a wise sovereign who considers the needs of others. Respect your origins for they guide your conduct and give you purpose. Be a strong leader, proud of who you come from and where you are going to take that legacy. I rest on the shoulders of my Ancestors. With every act of integrity and love I honour those who worked hard to bring me here and I find connection and purpose. They survived to bring me forth. When I live with courage and integrity I bring pride to my family and to myself.

Virgo The New Moon moves into the third house reconnecting you with siblings and opening communication with those in your day-to-day environment. With Jupiter bringing you luck and opportunity to you personally for the rest of the year and Mars & Venus moving into Libra this month your self confidence and material security are emphasised and improving. You may not have more, but your sense of comfort and security are deepening. The vagaries of commitment and partnership are stabilised by a structured routine at home meaning your soul’s deepest longing in partnership can be realised. There is a short resurgence of anxiety around money and shared resources that has plagued you on and off for a decade, but remember this is the old influence. If it rears its ugly head again and makes you anxious dear Virgo, deep breath and focus on all the growth taking place in other parts of your life. All is well. Growing more confident in the face I show the world, I am received with love and joy. Trusting my own self-expression I discover I can honour my sensitive nature and connect deeply with those who matter.

Libra Goddess Venus, your ruler, has returned to your sign and her lover Mars follows shortly. The recent intense pressure on the hidden and unconscious aspect of your life is dissolving. Venus blesses your personality with charm and beauty and Mars renews your energy as you end a 5 month cycle of upheaval, reassessment and confrontation in your love life. The New Moon illuminates your sector of money and resources and how you can provide for yourself and meet your needs first – always a challenge for Libra. Focus on this and your relationship indecision will soften. One last kick from the old story around home & personal history and how that shapes your ideas about committed partnership comes up for a final showdown before you move into the next phase. The Saturn/Neptune square of the next 2.5 years steadies your communication output so you can put into words and make real the spiritual service that motivates you. I turn my clear perception away from either/or decisions and listen to my own knowledge. When I speak to what I intuitively know to be true, I honour my own nature. Then I can honour all whom I love.

Scorpio The New Moon and Mercury align in your sign as Mars and Venus move into the 12th house of mysteries. A new awareness is dawning on who you really are and the image you want to project onto the world. You are still working on making sense of love and desire (Venus and Mars) and you can expect your relationship wisdom will be rebirthed in a few months time when those planets move into Scorpio too. And just as well because though you are fierce even a Scorpion needs a break from transforming every facet of their life into alignment with the most recently uncovered piece of searing truth. Listen to the wise words arrive from friends that show the disconnect in your reality vs. how others perceive you (and love you.) Scorpions can have very fixed ideas about how life works at the deepest level but with Saturn now well out of your sign and your ruler Pluto moving on from a difficult relationship with Uranus it’s time to exhale and find a different way of facing and transforming the muck of this world into shining truth. As I peer into the mystery of existence, I see beyond the vision of pain to the deeper truths of eternal love and beauty. Knowing the depths I now act as gentle guide to myself and those who walk with me.

Sagittarius Your rather serious and hardworking cast of late is cause for comment as you once again defy anyone’s expectation of you and continue to relentlessly do your own thing. You have decided to begin chasing rainbows in an entirely different direction – by making some of those noble ideals real. Over the next 2.5 years you will make structures to hold those beautiful cloud castles where the rest of us can see them – consensus reality. The New Moon appears in your house of mysteries & enchantment. This is a creative and sometimes vaguely disquieting month as hidden parts of the psyche bubble to the surface. See this as just another adventure and an opportunity to gather beautiful and remarkable ideas you can pour into your career or awareness that will enrich your committed relationships. As you move deeper to the Truth you are always seeking you may discover what has been holding you back from really moving forward careerwise or in your relationship. Having explored alone, I bring back my discoveries to those who cannot go so far. Returning with an abundance of discoveries I begin to shape and change the world around me, to make real what I know to be noble, good and true.

Capricorn Your ruler Saturn is now in the house of hidden mysteries causing the stuff you’d rather not look at to crystalise and become very real. But, this is a good thing! Life is always weird, changeable and often terrifying. Account for this in your planning, make the most of whatever tide is washing your way right now and you will achieve deeper mastery than you would trying to stop the forces of the entire cosmos from “messing up your plans”. You are strong, but no one is that strong. Saturn will square Neptune exactly in the last week of November – the first of this 2.5 year cycle – bringing a sharp awareness of how your deepest longings and fears shape your communication style and general cast of mind. Pluto in Capricorn is supported by Jupiter in Virgo so if you want to find a way to ‘work through’ the stuff coming up for you right now – you need to trust transformative change as a reliable and routine aspect of life. When you work with it, it blesses you. Venus and Mars enter Libra and motivating you to travel and discover new ideas “foreign” to everything you thought you knew. Keep your networks and safety nets cast wide and reconnect with friends and social groups. Someone in that mix will give you just the advice you need to make the shift from surviving disruption to riding it. To succeed and realise my ambitions I work with the strange mystery of existence. It’s ok if I don’t know what is going on, no one does. It’s a messy mystery and it’s beautiful. I no longer need to stand alone. I dwell with.

Aquarius Aquarians love to know exactly what is going on, why and to let everyone know that she knows – already. Actually she knew 6 years ago and look, she was right, ha! And then everything shifted – those ideas that were so out there actually aren’t any more, you don’t know better and you need to shift from transcendental ideologue to community member. Step into the circle of community and away from the observer’s position. It’s thrilling and disconcerting at the same time to be in the mix and have no fracking clue what the hell is going on. We enter a new cycle of Saturn square Neptune after your other ruler Uranus has just about done squaring Pluto. Your whole “wreck ‘em and shock ‘em” approach honed after a decade just kind of turns to dust. Saturn being Aquarius’ ancient ruler now pulls you in a completely different direction from hare-brained inventor to social activist – of some description. Pressing Aquarius into service to actually make stuff happen is no easy task. If your family & friends are kind they may even allow you to find a personal assistant to help you adapt to life on a planet with gravity and a social code that seems 5000 years out of date. The things is, all those ideologies “for a better world” have to be implemented by those who vision them up in the first place: you understand them best so it’s up to you to get it happenning. The “dream it up and dispatch them to planet earth from somewhere out past Uranus” approach is no longer applicable. So, grab a sharpie make your own protest t-shirt, pop on a pair of practical shoes and make the change real. Alright, fine. I’ll learn to relate to the rest of humanity as a human and not as an alien observer. I have some really good ideas for fixing up the place and I promise I’ll stop talking and actually invent really cool ways to implement them.

Pisces As usual  beautiful Pisces everyone seems to be losing their mind and you dive so deep the waters are calm, your vision of the Universal connectivity of all carries you through all things. You feel it all but you endure – like the sea. The next 2.5 year Saturn/Neptune square helps you to bring to planet Earth those spiritual values and share with others your understanding of the deeper mysteries of life. You are entering a period where you confront and clarify your belief systems and draw boundaries between religion – strict observance of rules – and faith, intuitive flow and connection to the Divine however you frame him, her, them. I release the rules of belief for the true soul of faith. I continue to explore the mysteries in a spirit of discovery and adventure. I inspire and keep flowing the Soul of my community.

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