Phoenix Rising: New Year’s Eve Astrology 2015


Tonight the stars bring us a point of transformation as Jupiter; our great teacher and giver of good fortune joins with Rahu; the north node. Rahu is the devourer, the seeker of new experience, the impulse to live, survive and triumph! Tonight brings with it the power of the Phoenix. There is disruption and challenging transformation BUT if we use our luck and what blessings we have wisely we have the power to open a new road & find what it is we’re all seeking… peace, love, a little bit of luck to get through the next challenge. Burn up the old and seize the fresh new year.  The Sun and Pluto are also aligning emphasising the joyous, transformative and resurrecting aspects of tonight’s stars.

Rise Phoenix! With joy and openess to the new year. Weep your sorrows, embrace your loved ones and dance for the Wild Ancient Earth and our Glorious Shining Stars that kissed the faces of your Ancestors millenia before you. Remember our Sacred charge, to love and honour this blessed Earth and leap for joy that you live and breathe and love and live!

Thank you all for your love, support, comments and connection this year. Bless you and all of yours. Respect to those who brought you here.

Love love love Asha Maria

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2 thoughts on “Phoenix Rising: New Year’s Eve Astrology 2015

  1. new years eve saw me move into a tucked in the woods house of my own with the space to unpack my emotional baggage, lay it out and sort. I sang to the stars and saw the cosmos. I witnessed my own rising from all the ashes of the destruction of the previous incarnation and I fly now. ❤


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