Between Eclipses – Love, Revelations & Reality Checks


Between Eclipses β˜†

This month has 2 eclipses, the Solar eclipse last Wednesday & the Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon next week. Eclipses are times of undoing; of revelation & even serious changes to your fortunes. Things almost, always reveal unpredictably – which is not the same as unexpectedly.
This week between these 2 events is a time for looking at what has been revealed by recent, significant changes in your fate whether through your relationships, lifestyle, beliefs or career. It is a good time to consolidate, reflect on and receive information which makes sense of whatever is tangling you up…and has been since at least September 2015 (the last set of eclipses across these signs). It is not an ideal time for any decisive decision making or new initiatives because there is so much variability in the expected flow of things right now.
With “He’s like my best friend” Aquarius Venus squaring “let’s get it on” Scorpio Mars our love affairs and closest friendships face some tests in conflict/excess passion but there is a genuine desire for equality and integrity; if you can work with this you’ll gain a lot for a little effort.
The square of Saturn, the Sun and Jupiter (retrograde) & Rahu (north node) creates a stark tension and distinct lack flow. Remember though that whatever  Saturn restricts he also consolidates. While we may be facing restrictions economically, a lack of luck (Jupiter retro) and ability to assert our individual drive on life (Sun) we are also gathering in a solid understanding of how much we DO have, where our energy is best directed and sustained and how to deal with crisis (Rahu) in a way that neither reacts too much nor lives in denial. If you tread gently but keep steady you can make it through this hard, austere aspect with reislience and wisdom. This is a good time,  in keeping with the coming Full Moon in Virgo, to put in place order, steady routine and reflect honestly on how much you have to work with. In personal matters the Venus/Mars square can clear the air making discussion about feelings less heated but bringing some emotional detachment frustrating Mars’ desire for intimacy.

Chart of March 13, 2016

Love, Asha

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