Between Eclipses Part 2: Mondayitis


Take it steady today, small steps and lots of space to breathe out and back in slooowly. All planets form tense aspects leading to potential showdowns, melt downs, overreactions and a feeling that beauty has evaporated…and the anxiety perhaps that it never really was.
There is a big  X in the centre of the chart between Jupiter & Rahu crossing the Sun, and Moon opposing Mars. Avoid confrontation, arguments or dealing with tense stuff if you can. If you have to deal with it today be mindful that everyone is feeling a bit tense and prone to strong reaction today. These aspects….at least when it comes to the Moon… soften by tomorrow. Mars will still square Venus and Neptune for a while longer. Take care to not overeact or act upon fears, jealousies, bad dreams or premonitions. Remedy for this – Saturn. Structure, duty and responsibilities.
Love Asha

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