Between Eclipses Part 3: Dreaming while You Work


With Venus conjunct Neptune still squaring Mars and Mars rapidly approaching task master Saturn what we dream of and the stuff we have to get done are grinding like old clunky machinery. The soul senses the opening and shifting that this eclipse cycle is bringing but the flesh, the flesh is groaning and complaining about the things that must be done, the work that calls…and calls. Every little task seems to end with something spilled or mucked up BUT if you go steady, …sloooow…things will work out well.
The Sun and Mercury are in Pisces and it’s the time of year when we are dissolving, washing away and losing the edges of things. We have the instinct for dreaming and romancing but duty calls. The Full Moon eclipse in Virgo on March 23 really brings these issues to a head – commitments to the details of life, serving ourselves and loved ones through proper care. You have a choice, or choices, as always. You can bring elegant structure to your life, health routines, serve others and make duty an art. Or you can go with the dissolving Pisces energy and create from the ennui, draw from the longing visions of how things might be better for you. Artists, poets and musicians this is a wonderful time to melt the idea of how you usually work and explore different means of expression.
All this activity on the Pisces/Virgo axis asks us to surrender desire and act in service. This might be a big soul theme for you (e.g. the desires of the persona vs the noble purpose of the integrated Self) or a point of focus in a relationship or work issue. But pushing to get what pleases us most right now brings disappointment. Learning to act in service, even to our selves – patience with our own failings and vulnerabilities – brings healing and calm.

Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy the lovely trine appearing today between the Cancerian Moon (Pushya Nakshatra) Mars in Scorpio and the Sun/Mercury in Pisces.

Love Asha

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