Wilting Roses: Waning Moon in Sagittarius


Last Week of this Eclipse Month and the Moon is in Sagittarius in Mula constellation (nakshatra). The influence of Ketu (South Lunar node) is felt today: dissolution, drawing together the root issues of this lunar month and bundling them up, seeing what we have gathered for all our efforts. The effect of eclipses expand beyond the month in which they occur and if they affected significant planets or points in your birth chart this is especially the case. This last week of the moon cycle as the moon wanes to dark is for gathering in and reflecting on the upheaval wrought by the eclipses. Let the story of this intense March come to rest. Tidy up correspondence, complete tasks and avoid beginning new endeavours. Consolidation and clearing ground for the new moon in a week’s time is best.

Have a peaceful week weaving together all you have worked through since the eclipse on March 9 and the 2nd one on March 23rd. Much ground has been covered this month! I’m rocking some radically changed perspectives, making peace with frustrations and getting into the cooler weather. Allowing myself to feel the change in tides as subtle and doing a really good impression of being patient đŸ™‚ Asha

For the astrologically minded:
Mula Nakshatra is ruled by Ketu
In the sign of Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter
Jupiter in Leo is retrograde; currently opposing Ketu in Aquarius keeping the theme of this month’s eclipse reinforced at this last quarter moon.  Jupiter relating to Ketu teaches consolidation of wisdom, surrendering attachment to prior learning and releasing attachment from ideas and argument for true wisdom.
Over Easter Saturn / Shani also turned retrograde. This brings a softening of the hardness and restrictions we have been faced with over the last 3 months and somewhat mitigates the stressful tension of Mars /Mangal forming conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio.
With Sun, Uranus and Mercury in Pisces the sense of floating ambiguity provides an opportunity for silent meditation, creativity and messages from your dreaming.

Love Asha

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