Blessings of Love: Venus in Pisces


Venus is now in Pisces, the sign of her exaltation – she is especially strong here and blesses us with her charm and grace for the next few weeks. The Sun, Mercury and Uranus are also in Pisces amplifying the dreamy, creativity of this month. Dive in, drink in the sweetness. Tides of other stars may crash over you…but Venus in Pisces stills them with her soft hand, whispering always “Love, Love endures all things. Trust me and dive in”

Venus in Pisces breathes sweetly over everything. Romance is only the edge of Her devotion. She blesses our friendships, romances & family relationships: bringing healing, forgiveness & surrender. Pull them close, let them know. Commit to the Principle of loving devotion. Create, envision, dream up, draw and paint …and most of all Love.

I have Venus in Pisces in my birth chart and her visit each year fills my eyes tears, my heart with yearning and blesses my work with a. surge of creativity. I hope she kisses you sweetly in your dreams too.

💖 Asha

#venusinpisces #romantic #preraphaelite #painting #astrology #astrologer #pisces #love

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