Horoscope: A Strange Magic – Pisces New Moon


It’s a time of strange magic. The New Moon appears in the last degrees of Pisces, all planets* but Venus are going retrograde at sometime in April. Venus, the Lord of Love is in her strongest position for the whole year. The Sun moves into his strongest position in Aries on April 15. When the Sun moves into Aries both the Queen of Heaven and the Sun are exalted. Strong fire energy and flowing feminine power rule the sky. The Full Moon shines in Libra, ruled by Venus reinforcing her strength all month. The Sun and Venus express the masculine and feminine of our most personal lives. The astrological new year commences April 15 with the Sun in Aries, the Full Moon shines in Libra on April 22.

All New Moons are times of new beginnings in the smaller monthly cycles of our lives but this New Moon appears at the very end of the Zodiac, in the very last constellation of Pisces, Revati. This is a place where ages change within our lives, a time we can liberate ourselves from all that we have worked through in the last year or even the larger cycles of our lives if we choose to. It is also a place of beautiful magic, of liberation – of an open, shining heart.

Venus, Queen of Heaven, emanates her gracious power in Pisces. She blesses love, art, painting, poetry and reconciliation of hearts. There is a sense of beautiful surface and something strange going on underneath. The absence of all the other planets in retrograde (Mercury joins in by April 28) creates an atmosphere of delayed action & misdirection. The Warrior (Mars), The Lord of Limits (Saturn), The Lord of Joy (Jupiter) are retrograde; their power is less apparent, inverted from the usual course. Mercury joins them from April 28 and when he reemerges in May along with Jupiter, the goings on underneath will reveal themselves.

Following on from the month of eclipses you have the wisdom to release the narratives that have dominated your life for some time – we are after all transitioning into the new great aspect Neptune square Saturn – bringing down heavenly ideals within the limits of the material world. To our human perception months, cycles of years, can seem like a very long time. The shift between one astrological cycle and the next can occur across years for us as individuals and as a collective, decades, even centuries. But right now, this Pisces Revati Moon illuminated by the exalted Queen of Heaven Pisces calls us to courageously open our wiser heart, to breathe love into the cracks and begin anew.


Aries Your ruler is in Scorpio clashing with Saturn blocking and frustrating your actions. Mars and Scorpio have been here for some months but by mid April both are retrograde. You are confronted on the deepest layers of your being yet find yourself unable to act or even react to reassert your control. This month the frustration grows more intense, more internal but with this internalisation comes understanding if you are willing to look into things. Mercury is also in your sign, use his clarity to unpack what this futile battle actually  about for you.  Take care on the days around April 17 to avoid accident-prone situations. The Sun is exalted in your sign from April 15, creating a strange mix of ebullience and inaction. The Sun brings the best out of the Aries nature – lead, encourage and warm those around you. Mercury in your sign all month quickens the tongue and intellect. You have the power to speak with clarity and brilliance.

Taurus Venus, the Queen of Heaven and your ruler is exalted all month. She softens the heart, smoothing reconciliation and easing the tension in your partnerships sector, Scorpio. With Mars and Saturn retrograde in Scorpio allow yourself to observe the tension, pain, lack of anything changing/happening with your significant other/s and take all steps you can to avoid confrontations and arguments. You cannot win and can only be wounded at this time. Exhale, allow Venus in Pisces to show you the deeper form of love, to heal any heart wounds and await the return of the Sun to your sign in May before any great decisions are made. There is too much ambiguity at play right now. Direct your attention elsewhere, leave warriors to fight themselves, spend time with those who want peace.

Gemini Your ruler is about to go retrograde – before he does you’ve got plenty of time to speak too fast, go too quick and dizzy everyone around you with glittering words and ideas. Because Mercury is the quickest planet in the sky and you are the quickest shifting sign in the Zodiac you have the unique opportunity to race through the Underworld, connect with all those retrograde planets, find out what they’re all up to and let us all know before it hits the rest of us. Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, so please be patient with the rest of us that take a little longer to work stuff out. The New Moon appears in your 10th house bringing a new phase in your career and public reputation, Venus gives you a bit of extra luck as you make new plans. Try not to charge ahead until your ruler turns direct in May or you might not know all the important information.

Cancer: Mercury appears in your house of career and reputation, use this week and the next to gather in information and ideas about how you might improve your standing and your income at work. Take care not to instigate change until the retrograde periods of Mercury and Jupiter end in May if at all possible. Jupiter is retrograde in your 2nd house of resources and income so the sense of lack in recent months will soften by the end of May. With the Sun moving into your career house later this month your focus for the next few weeks will be on your work and the rewards it brings you. Make the most of this transit by considering every opportunity carefully. With so much retrograde much is not as it seems.

Leo Jupiter is ending his long retrograde in your sign next month. He’s still close to Rahu, the acquisitive, devouring shadow planet. Jupiter is exalted in Leo – when he’s not retrograde – he’s also opposing Ketu the south node, in your sector of partnership. As you are getting to grips with who you really (not who you like to think you are) you are forced to relinquish ideas about what you need from others. You are going through a readjustment of expectations in serious, committed relationships. Take care not to just throw everything off and start again. Be patient, wait for Jupiter to turn direct in May – you’ll have a better picture of what you need to release and what you need to hold onto to really be, you. Much of what you are seeing about yourself are flickering shadows. Observe them but don’t play into them. From April 15 your ruler the Sun is in a stronger position, exalted in Aries. The sense of slippery reality wanes and although many struggles are still occurring under the surface expect your sense of self to build again.

Virgo Your ruler Mercury is in Aries bringing your thoughts to shared resources, issues of intimacy and privacy. Mercury will go retrograde later in the month bringing some frustration in speaking your mind clearly around these matters. Work methodically through these issues as you consider them and the retrograde can improve your relationships with better understanding of the technicalities of a shared life. Venus brings deep blessings to your house of partnership which offset this frustration. For most of the month your house of relationships and commitments is strong with the New Moon beginning here, the Sun moving through until April 15, and Venus exalted all month. While others around you may be struggling with the fluctuating energies of a Piscean and retrograde strong month you can find rest and sweetness in your significant other or move a casual relationship to a deeper level of love and connection.

Libra Your ruler Venus is exalted all month and the moon will become full in your own sign on April 22. This month Venus is so strong that you can achieve much, experiencing a sense of luxury and beauty even if money isn’t particularly plentiful. Mars and Saturn remain in your second house of resources creating a background of anxious tension; the retrograde of Mars may deliver an opportunity to work very hard to improve your material position in the long run. Jupiter in your fourth house is still retrograde and difficulties with family and questions about your home environment continue to rumble under the surface. Things are changing but give it time to untangle itself, retrogrades muddle the perceptions. Mercury retrograde in your house of partnership later in the month advises caution rushing into or out of relationships, especially changing residence moving in or out with a beloved. Enjoy what Venus brings and avoid other entanglements. May will be clearer.

Scorpio Your ruler, Mars, turns retrograde on March 17 and you are advised to take great care in the 2 days prior and after to avoid conflict or risky situations. Saturn is also still frustrating you, sitting retrograde in your first house. Mars is strong in Scorpio whilst retrograde; if you can exercise some patience and work with steady determination Saturn will become your ally in whatever you are trying to get done. The Sun until the 15th and Venus, all month, are in the 5th house of love affairs. Venus is also the ruler of your 7th house of relationships. There’s a lot of weird expressions of passion and affection going on right now – you are seeing other sides of your lover/s you might not be so comfortable with. With frustrations on all sides, personal life, career and intimate relationships it is best you put your head down and work at what you can get done. When Jupiter turns direct in May, along with Mercury the clouds in these areas of your life will dissipate. You will make gains in your career sector and experience a greater sense of pleasure and peace with your lover.

Sagittarius Your ruler Jupiter has been retrograde in Leo for some time now next to the disruptor Rahu (North Node) and opposing Ketu (who eliminates and releases.) This has been a time of frustrated plans and limited gains. Lord Jupiter turns direct in May and you will recoup much for the effort you have put in during the long, frustrating retrograde months. Mercury in your 5th house of romance has you thinking about how you love, whom you love and just why that might be. The tension created by Mars and Saturn in your 12th house of the unconscious is creating psychic frustration. You know something needs to change, something needs to happen – but it is unclear how you can do that. Creativity is blocked. Avoid confusing  situations and intoxicants at this time as Mars and Saturn in this position increases the chance of attracting trouble. Venus in your fourth house softens the frustrating effect of Jupiter retrograde. Pour your creativity into beautifying the home and your inner life.

Capricorn All this fluid, magical energy is frustrating to Saturn ruled practi-Capricorn. Not only is your ruler retrograde in Scorpio until August in the house of your hopes and goals, Mars is retrograde in the same sign blocking any recent gains you’ve made. You will have to trust your hopes to gracious Venus, who helps you get the detail work done, sweeten connections with siblings and gather courage to face whatever happens to be in your way right now. Capricorn is the bridge between the Sea of Feeling and the Earth. All the watery energy of the early part of this month reminds you to nourish the softer parts of yourself as well as the practical, driven, enduring aspects. Mercury is in the fourth house of solitude; it’s a time to reflect on deepest values, think about home life and connect with family.

Aquarius After the intensity of the eclipse month hit your sign head-on, the Pisces Moon month brings some softness and good luck to your house of resources and income. Venus brings increased comfort and the chance to make your material position more secure (or at least enjoy material comforts more!) Ketu, the South Node is in your first house of identity you are in a cycle of liberating yourself from old ways of self expression. Rahu (the North Node) and Jupiter retrograde are in the 7th house of committed relationships. During this time you are seeking to involve yourself in every aspect of being-with-someone. The good and the bad. Take care not to go to extremes during this transit – sacrificing selfhood in the crucible of the relationship or tearing apart every aspect of your relationship in the most critical way possible, searching for a truth until there is nothing left to search through. Allow yourself to observe but hold back on comment, wait for Jupiter to move into direct motion in May and watch the blessings you felt in 2015 flow back into your relationships .

Pisces Venus shimmers beautifully in your own sign, the New Moon shines here as does the Sun until he moves into your second house, Aries, mid month. This is a month of beauty and grace for Pisceans. You appear more charming and have the power to reconcile, soothe and heal the hearts around you. Though your ruler Jupiter is still retrograde in your 6th house of health, routine and service, the strength of Venus all month brings recovery from strife and trouble. When Jupiter turns direct at the end of May you can expect a resurgence in the business of your day-to-day routine and improvements to health issues. From mid-month the focus shifts to your material resources as the Sun blesses your 2nd house, Aries. Mercury also in the sign helps you to think cleverly about how you can make the most of your money and investments.

 *the planets are: Jupiter already retrograde, Saturn retrograde, Mars turns retrograde 18 April, Mercury turns retrograde 28 April. Rahu (North node) and Ketu (south node) are always retrograde. The Sun and Moon never go retrograde and are not called planets, they are luminaries (lights). Pluto also turns retrograde this month but the outer planets are not generally used in sidereal astrology.

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