Sun in Aries & Mars Retrograde: Dissolving THAT block


The Sun has entered the Kingdom of Aries. The sign of beginning, vitality and joyous courage. The Sun is exalted – strong, steady and generous. The strong constellation of Aries holds the Sun’s fierce heat, the Sun blesses the Earth – neither burning it up or leaving it too cool. In the Northern sphere this is the beginning of Spring. In the South, relief from Summer’s ferocity and gentler weather. Usually this time of year emphasises all things Mars: action, getting stuck into work and the fray of life. But Mars, the ruler of Aries, is turning retrograde. He is standing still from our perspective here on Earth before we enter a 10 week period of Mars retro. This only happens every 2+ years. (The last time was Mar – Jul 2014.)

Mars is working his formidable power on the hidden frustrations in our lives. Mars is in the second sign he rules, Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign, yet it is fierce. Its action is steadier and sharper than Aries. Aries is the flashing flame – Scorpio is the acid. He will dissolve stubborn issues resistant to other efforts. What won’t be knocked down with determination you CAN destroy with Mars in Scorpio. The process will be intense, peeling back layer after layer. Trust the lesson of Scorpio; ease into each deeper, searing truth. Allow the pulling away, seek each new understanding and allow the next to reveal itself.

As with all retrogrades of the inner planets the result will not begin to clear until Mars turns direct July 29, and completely leaves the retrograde zone, August 22. Look at Scorpio in your birth chart and there you will find the resolution to a challenge that has blocked your path since 2014.

Those most affected those with planets and points in Aries, Scorpio and those with Mars making strong aspects in their birth charts. (E.g. Mars on the Ascendant, next to the Sun or Moon etc).

Love Asha

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