April’s Astrology: Venus in Fine Form


April is a strange month…Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde. Mercury will join them from April 28 – yep, Mercury retrograde this month too! Only Venus in Pisces is moving direct -and she rules this Aries month making for an odd blend of energies. The Full Moon next week is in Libra, ruled by Venus and she is also in her favourite place in the Zodiac, Pisces. Venus is not a strong or active influence, she brings desire, ease and affection. She can also bring a sense of disatisfaction and ennui. The influence of Venus creates a gentle appearance on the surface with action taking place  somewhere just out of reach. Her strength is enhanced in Pisces bringing blessing and peace to relationships and a time of creative visioning.

As the planets turn direct in late May and the months following the results will reemerge into our conscious, daily life. If you’re struck with that listless, sideways feeling you’d best just go with it and see what happens. You might not realise it but we are well into the “new chapter” of life that we spent 2015 fighting to make real. All beginnings are a crisis of sorts, take a break from the doing and enjoy Her blessing of quiet and peace. Make the most of it, late July and August will bring excitement soon enough with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all direct. 💖 Asha Maria

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