Venus in a Foreign Land & Messy Retrogrades


See that big red triangle? THAT & 4 retrograde planets are shattering (self)delusions, causing angst and the general shapeless arrgh vibes going around right now. Only gracious Goddess Venus is in direct motion & she’s in her least favourite place in the zodiac – Aries…(thankfully she’s heading into the Bharani constellation, about 12° Aries & should help us through the next few days as the moon weakens, waning to dark on Thursday night.)

There is a New Moon in Aries conjunct Venus, Friday morning (the day of Venus) opening a new lunar cycle and clearing the way for something new to take hold for May. It’s an odd combination of energies but at least it’s interesting and there’ll be more *happening* this month and less of the *dissolving into a muddy puddle of ambiguity* we’ve seen this past Piscean Moon Month messy with retrogrades and other discomforts.
Retrograde Jupiter conjunct Rahu, opposing Ketu all square retrograde Mars and Saturn, Mercury also retrograde … Ouch! There is very little that is straightforward or easy right now. Clashes and conflict, irritation and frustration, blockage and even emotional wreckage are all whirling around in the psyche, relationships and anywhere else where projections abound. The strength of Mars in Scorpio has at least been pushing ambitious efforts forward and courage, hard work receives rewards. Whatever work – however frustrating – you manage to get done at this time will stand you in great stead come July.

Trust to the direct motion of Jupiter on May 10, followed by Mercury May 23rd to clear the air a little and bring us relief from dealing with emotional pain and the effort of rebuilding our psyche in light of understanding what MUST change. These are hard lessons, the ‘transform-or-burn’ vibe of Mars & Saturn in Scorpio is merciless. We’ve got a while til Mars and Saturn stop grinding gears against each other in Scorpio – the challenges they bring will be with us til early July at least. Trust to Jupiter’s blessings when he goes direct & get working on a New Moon month plan for Friday: at least it’s a distraction from everything else! ♡ Asha

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