New Moon in Aries: The Return of Joy


We are still held fast in the grip of retrogrades but Jupiter – the Great Benefactor turns direct on Monday, May 9 – with Venus he is the only planet* in direct motion. Venus and Jupiter are planets of blessing – allow them to work their easy, gracious charm into the next month. Allow the returning power of Jupiter to fill up a place you have made especially to gather in this blessing. Make space for love and joy, make space for happiness and generosity – don’t let this lovely tide slide by you without setting aside a little time to call in what your heart desires.


Jupiter has been retrograde for a long time – last year he expanded everything in the kingdom of Leo; bringing good luck, recognition and warm loyalty from others. You might remember 2016 opened with a feeling of intense building and resurgence after the rocky end of 2015. Then mid January things seemed to stop expanding and luck dried up…Jupiter went retrograde. He has spent much of that time conjunct Rahu – the North Node. Rahu expands whatever he touches, he whirls and disrupts and brings power to the surface – Rahu is a difficult, dangerous, winner-takes-all energy. Rahu has been eclipsing Jupiter, weak in his retrograde motion swallowing up his blessing.

Now Jupiter is moving away from Rahu in direct motion and you can expect a return to those positive, hopeful feelings in early January and to finish off what was started then. Jupiter will leave Leo for Virgo late August this year. Look to your birth chart (make sure you switch the chart style to “Lahiri” or “sidereal” – see image below for screenshots as to how to do this) and consider which house is Leo and there you’ll see Jupiter bringing back his blessing and smoothing the way. 

 Venus is also direct but considered weak in Aries, except for one section – associated with a constellation called Bharani. And it is in this section of Aries, Bharani, that she shines at our New Moon cycle. How blessed are we? Venus is active, compelled to renew love, to start again, to push forward the ambitions of our hearts. To the disheartened, Venus brings courage to leap over obstacles to grace and harmony in our lives. Jupiter brings back his jubilance and warmth – combined we are able to Love in both the sacred and personal sense.

This is a good time for fire rituals to purify the heart, to meditate on sacred fire purifying your heart centre, burning up bitterness or poison from pain and suffering and radiating heat and fiery love.

As the moon waxes to Full in Scorpio on May 22, she joins retrograde Mars and Saturn. Mars rules both the sign of the New Moon and the Full Moon, if you are ready, you will receive illumination and fulfillment of the deep psychic work the retrogrades are generating. Mars and Saturn are dissolving barriers, old habits, muscle memory in the seat of our deepest feeling (and for some of us, emotional wounding). Scorpio is the sign of transformation through elimination – Mars here is working hard burning away obstacles, Saturn retrograde here works steadily inwardly restructuring. Here, Saturn also brings to our attention any part of ourselves where we are not living with utmost sincerity.

Mercury continues his retrograde tricks in Aries until late May skipping over the Sun and Venus in his whirling backward motion. Wherever Mercury moves in retrograde motion in your birth chart shows where you are revising and being made to look at things from a radically different perspective. He helps us interpret the deep pushes for change within that Mars and Saturn retro are generating.

Enjoy the New Moon this month will be one of victories, triumph and moving forward –  remember, to make space for Love and Joy to flow on in!


*the only personal planet, the Outer Planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not as significant in Vedic Astrology as they are in Western Astrology being considered to deal with aspects of our psyche and being that are as yet unawakened. There is evidence that these 3 planets were observed by ancient astronomers and astrologers in early Vedic texts. (reference, Bepin Behari ” Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology”.) 

** The Sidereal zodiac represents the zodiac based on the fixed stars, not on the Sun’s relationship alone. The Tropical Zodiac is based on the movement of the Sun and does not account for the 23 degree discrepancy between the zodiac and the fixed stars which has accrued due to an astronomical phenomenon called the precession of the equinoxes. Neither system is the “true” or “right” system, I have found through 12 years of study that sidereal astrology and Vedic astrology is more accurate and comprehensive than the Western Tropical System. That’s while you might see “New Moon in Aries” and think “huh? Someone else is saying it’s Taurus.”.  This makes me no longer an “Aquarius” but a solar “Capricorn”. When we go back and look at older interpretations of Capricorn and the Vedic perspective I can see that the Sun in Capricorn is actually more accurate, especially when I consider the fixed stars and deeper relationships between the planets, degrees and houses that Vedic astrology employs.  I am not a trained Vedic astrologer, this is a path of study I am integrating increasingly into my astrological practise. More about me here

Go to, select “SIDEREAL” zodiac. Then click “here” to show the chart

Go to , click extended chart selection and select SIDEREAL zodiac **



8 thoughts on “New Moon in Aries: The Return of Joy

  1. Whoa whoa whoa! In this system I am an Aquarian, not a Pisces!
    Jupiter in Capricorn, Mercury in Pisces, Venus in Pisces.


    1. Where is the moon? 😊🌟 you have to include the lunar zodiac and the constellation of the moon for it to make sense…I don’t think sidereal astrology works with western astrological principles… (some Western astrologers use the sidereal zodiac)


      1. If you’re interested google “find out vedic birth star” or “find out nakshatra”. That will give you an analysis of which constellation the moon aligned with at your birth. Without that, to me, sidereal astrology doesn’t make as much sense. Also, as I have training in the Western esoteric tradition my interpretations of the zodiac signs has always bent more toward mystical principles. Much of this knowledge has its roots in Vedic philosophy and Near Eastern philosophy. Thus…Aries isn’t just the sign of beginnings, determination, etc but the divine spark of creation that must become, the impulse to begin …it’s hard to explain this much better than that in my comment!


      2. Thank you for taking the time to write 🙂 It is unfortunately a side interest at the moment while I finish some other studies, but I truly enjoy learning bits and pieces when I can. I look forward to your posts every week.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. My birth star is Krittika, with my natal moon in the very first degrees of Taurus. If it’s all too much looking and comparing between tropical and sidereal, you can just use your sidereal natal chart to check the house where the transits are occuring. If you want to study Vedic Astrology, please start with Komilla Sutton’s “Vedic Astrology” its in my amazon book store on the link in the right hand column of my page … hope that helps!

        Liked by 1 person

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